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Samsung supports a greener world with Smart Eco-living products.

management under the business philosophy of "devoting human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society".

Through the research and development of innovative eco-products and the establishment of green operation sites, Samsung is on track to realise their 'VISION 2020' which consists of a number of detailed targets including becoming one of the top five global brands and one of the ten most admired companies in the world.

As a leader in innovative, eco-friendly products, their aim is to live in harmony with people, society and the environment.


Samsung invests in developing technologies that are specifically relevant to the unique needs of consumers in the South African environment. Through technology their customers can live easier, healthier, and more connected lives. In this way, Samsung inspires the future of the African consumer electronics industry, and serves as a signpost towards its future evolution.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Samsung SA believes that they must play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the sustainability of communities in which they operate. In addition to increasing their contribution to programmes that involve donations and volunteer activities, they are also continuously seeking fundamental solutions to the challenges faced by society, some of which include:

• The Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy: Provides hands-on, vocational skills training for 360 Grade 10-12 students. This initiative
is part of Samsung Electronics Africa's broader goal to develop 10,000 electronic engineers across the continent by 2015.
• Solar-Powered Internet School: This 12-metre long container has been converted into a 21 student classroom, kitted out with a 50-inch electronic display screen, Internet-enabled solar-powered notebooks, Samsung Galaxy tablets and Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, all of which are powered by solar panels mounted to the roof - generating enough electricity to operate all the electronic equipment inside the classroom for up to nine hours.


In July 2009, Samsung announced a new green management initiative intended to make Samsung a leading eco-friendly company by 2013. Through the global PlanetFirst™ initiative, the organisation is committed to making environmental guardianship a priority and applying technology in innovative ways to achieve eco-friendly development.
• A key focus is on creating a product portfolio that incorporates the most advanced water and energy saving technologies within the product categories in which they operate – protecting our scarce natural resources.

Samsung South Africa takes the 49M Energy Efficiency Pledge

Demonstrating their commitment to a sustainable future, Samsung Electronics South Africa has recently signed the 49M pledge. Making them the first consumer electronics organisation in South Africa to do so, their commitment to energy efficiency through both their product line and internal environment is evident.

The 49M power saving initiative, supported by Eskom and endorsed by government, encourages 49 million South Africans to embrace energy savings as a national culture for a sustainable future.

Locally, Samsung places considerable focus on sustainable business practices, and this demonstrates their true commitment to eco-friendly
practices, of which energy efficiency is at the core of the organisation. Samsung is proud to align with this movement, and believe their range of products already promote this philosophy. Samsung will also be extending this pledge within their office and employee home environments.

Through innovation, which is at the core of Samsung's business, coupled with their pledge to Eskom, they continuously educate internal and external stakeholders about energy efficiency and are confident that they will see a change in South African culture when it comes to power saving and energy efficiency.

Samsung's impressive product line-up makes it effortless to manage and reduce energy consumption. By simply choosing a product with an 'A' rating or higher, consumers are already making a conscious decision towards a more sustainable future.

What does 'Energy Rating' mean?

  • • The energy rating of an appliance is the measurement of how energy efficient it is.
  • • All new electrical appliances are rated according to how much energy they use.
  • • The scale runs from A+++ (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient).

Easy ways to save energy with Samsung

Saving tips in the house:

  • - Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs.
  • - Air conditioners with improved control boards, like the Samsung Jungfrau, consume low dosages of energy and use no standby power which saves up to 90% more energy than conventional air conditioners.

Saving tips for laundry:

  • - Invest in a washing machine that is capable of a cold water wash, and 15 minute wash cycle – Samsung offers the Deep Foam, currently with a 30 day money back guarantee!

Saving tips in the kitchen:

  • - When in the market for a new fridge or freezer ensure they are A-rated or energy efficient before purchasing – these are guaranteed to be among the most energy-efficient available on the market, saving energy and reducing running costs.
  • - A refrigerator with invertor technology, which keeps the interior at a constant temperature, reduces energy consumption.
  • - If you are buying a new dishwasher or washing machine, look for appliances that have a minimum of an A- energy rating. This is your guarantee that you are buying one of the most energy and water efficient machines available.

Saving tips in the lounge:

  • - LED TVs are ultra-energy efficient and will save you money – up to 46% less power consumption compared to traditional backlit TVs.
  • - Remember that your appliances such as your TV, DVD player and decoder use electricity while on standby. Switch them off at the wall or by using the device's power button to reduce your electricity usage. Every little bit helps!

Saving tips in the bedroom:

  • - Remember to unplug your cell phone charger when not in use as it still uses electricity even though it is not charging your phone.
  • - Replace incandescent bedside light bulbs with LED light bulbs.

Consumers can effortlessly pledge their support to a more sustainable future through choosing one of Samsung's energy and water efficient offerings.

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