Cleaning Tips (for People Too Busy to Clean)

Advice From the Pros

  • Organise your cleaning supplies. You’d be amazed how much time you’ll save by knowing where everything is before you start cleaning.
    • Make sure you have enough cleaning products—glass cleaner, furniture polish, tile and tub foam; clean rags and polishing cloths; and mop heads. The best time to do this is when you’re putting away your tools and supplies after a cleaning.
    • Create a space to hang brooms, dustpans, and mops, and store your vacuum cleaner. Always return items to their storage spots after use.
    • If you use any cordless cleaning tools, be sure the batteries have a full charge.
  • Be proactive to keep cleaning effort to a minimum.
    • Wipe down glass shower doors with lemon oil once a month to keep water beading and prevent mineral deposits from building up.
    • Place hand towels in several spots in your kitchen to reduce messes caused by sticky fingers.
    • Keep a separate countertop sponge near the dish sponge for spot-cleaning.
    • Get on a schedule—and try to stick to it. Commit to a clean house by setting aside time every week (or so) to completely clean house. An hour spent one day each week is twice as efficient as spending a half hour vacuuming one day, a half hour dusting the next day, a half hour sweeping and mopping another day, and so forth.
    • Don’t just move dirt around; get rid of it. Clean your cleaning tools. Gently run your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment nozzle against broom bristles and the heads of any feather or fiber dusting wands.

Stop Repeating Yourself

  • Perform the same chore moving from room to room, e.g., go through every room in your home and pick up and put away items. Then go through every room to clean counters, tile, and glass surfaces. Then dust and polish. Then sweep and mop. Then vacuum. This method is more efficient than cleaning each room individually before moving on to the next.
  • When vacuuming, start in the farthest corner and work your way toward the door; this makes it much easier to keep track of where you cleaned (and doesn’t leave footprints in the carpet).
  • If possible, clean with a partner. Have him or her perform a different chore ahead of or behind you. Again, it’s best to vacuum last, to pick up any dust or debris left behind and eliminate foot tracks.
  • The right tool makes any job easier. A few extra dollars spent on a high-quality broom will pay off in longer service and cleaner floors. Vacuuming, one of the most time-consuming chores, is a lot easier with a vacuum cleaner that’s built to move with you. The Samsung Motion Sync uses an ingenious swiveling nozzle-and-caster system and integrated attachments to follow you into tight corners—and make easy work of the job nobody wants to do.

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