Laundry Tips to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

Make the right choices

Take a few preventative steps before the machine is loaded

  • Sort it. Sorting by colour is a common method to keep colours from bleeding onto lighter fabrics. Sort by fabric, or garment type, to further protect delicate items. For instance, group sturdy fabrics like denim and woven cottons into a separate load so these won’t abrade soft fabrics like washable silk and cotton knits.

  • Zip it up. Reduce the chance of snags by making sure that all zippers are closed, buttons are buttoned, and hooks are fastened. Also, give a quick once-over to all pockets

  • Go inside-out. In order to preserve, turn jeans inside out before it is washed. Protect screen-printed
    T-shirts in the same way to keep their patterns from prematurely fading.

  • Don’t overload. Consult the machine’s owner’s manual for its specific requirements regarding load size. Take care not to overload as it will be hard to shut the washing machine’s door, detergent and water will not effectively penetrate garments and clean the washing.

Laundry mistakes to avoid

Don’t take any risks with valuable garments. Leave it to your dry-cleaner. And remember, the sooner you take action, the better the odds of removing all traces.

Don’t use more detergent than you need. Excess detergent doesn’t get clothes any cleaner and, in fact, it can cause problems. Soap can become trapped in the fabric, making items stiff and ultimately reducing their longevity. Over time, it can gum up the machine itself, encouraging mildew growth inside. Using more detergent than you need is literally pouring money down the drain.

Don’t dry laundry for longer than necessary. Excess drying shrinks clothing and damages the underlying fabric. The same goes for excess heat. So go easy on your clothing and linens. Many items can be dried effectively at a lower, safer and less costly heat setting.

Before You Push the Start Button

  • Choose the right setting: There was a time when washing machines offered a cycle choice for "regular" or "delicate" fabrics only. Now, many machines have a specific setting for almost every laundry situation imaginable. For instance, the MODEL / SERIES# lets you choose from common settings like "delicate" and "quick," but also offers specialised cycles like "heavy soil," "blanket," "fuzzy," and even "jeans." Choosing the right cycle for your fabric type can make a big difference in your clothing's longevity.

  • Check the manual, again: You got familiar with the manual before you ever started using the machine (right?) Don't be afraid to refer back to it periodically to make sure you're making the right choices for specific situations. Factors like the amount of detergent and when during a cycle to add chlorine bleach or fabric softener can all impact your clothes.

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