The Perfect Fit: Counter-Depth Design

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  • Notes on dimensions. Counter-depth refrigerators, as the name suggests, are designed to fit alongside the typical kitchen counter, which measures between 23” and 27” deep. Standard-depth refrigerators, by comparison, typically measure 30” to 34” from the front door panel to the kitchen wall—more if they lack enclosed cooling fins. For both formats, remember to allow up to 4” door handle width.
  • Counter-depth advantages. Both counter-depth and custom-built/built-in options place all kitchen appliances on or close to a single plane, to create a streamlined appearance and more floor space than standard-depth models. It’s also easier to see and reach items stored in counter-depth and built-in refrigerators. Counter-depth refrigerators deliver these benefits at a far lower cost than built-in solutions.
  • A tall order. To avoid sacrificing storage capacity, counter-depth refrigerators often are slightly taller than standard-depth ones. Be sure to account for this difference if your plans include above-refrigerator shelves or cabinets. If you’re working with a designer or architect, carefully review your options before any work begins.
  • Door-swing arc. Measure the doors of any refrigerator you’re considering. Be sure to account for door-swing arc, the amount of space needed to open the door at least 130 degrees. (Note that most counter-depth refrigerators have two-door designs—either side-by-side or French door—to reduce swing arc distances.)
  • Counter height matters. When choosing a fridge to complement your kitchen, consider counter height, too. Features like temperature-adjustable, configurable storage space at counter height make it easier to store large items and reach the things you use most.
  • Check the sides. Matching exterior finish on all three sides permits greater flexibility for installation adjacent to other counter-height appliances, or at the end of a counter row (without the need to install a return or other enclosure). And premium design features such as a solid-metal front surface can help create an outstanding look—without standing out.

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