Washing Machine Features to Save You Time

Nov 06, 2013

Washing Machine Features to Save You Time

Clean clothes are a priority for most people, but no one wants to spend all of their time keeping up with their family’s laundry needs. Look for a washing machine with time-saving features—like shorter cycles, larger capacity, and even mobile app compatibility—to get out of the laundry room and on with the rest of your day.

“Laundry day” is a notion from a bygone era. Nowadays, most people fit clothes-washing into their schedule whenever time permits and the need arises: an evening load of muddy sports uniforms after practice, sets of sheets and towels after hosting weekend houseguests, a basket of whites while the baby naps. So take advantage of your machine’s time-saving features to fit laundry around your lifestyle—and not the other way around.

Efficient Washing Performance

The first line of defense against laundry time-wasting is to ensure that laundry is cleaned thoroughly in a single cycle. The newest generation of washing machines boasts special deep-cleaning features that not only get your clothes cleaner, but also reduce the length of a laundry cycle.

For instance, Samsung’s front-loading WF457 features SpeedSpray, which removes detergent residue thoroughly with powerful sprays of water during the rinsing process, letting you spend over 90 minutes less on your average weekly load of laundry.*

Large Capacity

It stands to reason that the more you can fit into a single load, the fewer loads you’ll have to do. So look for a washer with a larger-than-average capacity to cut down on your overall laundry time. Samsung’s WF457 boasts a 4.5-cubic-foot capacity, which means you can wash 32 standard-sized bath towels in a single load.

Quiet Operation

Quiet operation may not seem like a time-saving feature—that is, until you realize that a quiet washing machine allows you to run a load of laundry at virtually any time of day that’s convenient for you. No more postponing a laundry cycle for fear of waking a sleeping child or disturbing a home office. With Samsung’s VRT Plus, you can run laundry at any time of day without disturbing your household. Featured on the WF457 model, VRT Plus reduces noise and vibration during the wash cycle, thanks to a unique ball balancer in the drum.

Touch-Screen LCD

Unlike the clunky analog controls of old, an intuitive and convenient user interface makes starting a load of laundry quick and easy. The WF457 features a big 8-inch Colour LCD Touch Screen to display cycle info, settings, options, and more. The easy-to-use (and waterproof) interface allows you to scroll through all wash cycles with the slightest touch of your fingertips.

Samsung Smart Control

With Samsung’s Smart Control, you can control a compatible washer (such as the WF457) and dryer (such as the DV457) via your smartphone even when you’re away from home. The innovative technology allows you to monitor the progress of your laundry and make changes remotely (power on/off/cycle selection).** It also notifies you when the cycle is complete. The free, downloadable Samsung Laundry app is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S, S2, and S3 phones, as well as the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S.

The fun part of life is creating the dirty laundry, not cleaning it. So look for a washing machine with time-saving features that will help get you out of the laundry room and back to living your life.

*A normal one-hour wash can now be completed in as few as 45 minutes—saving a typical family more than 90 minutes per week, based on the DOE standard’s average of 7.5 loads per week.
**The gas model uses Smart Monitor instead of Smart Control, which allows you to monitor—but not control—the washing machine.

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