GEN2 EHS AC with World Class Efficiency, 2.2 kW

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Integrated Heating and Cooling System at a Lower Cost

Integrated Heating and Cooling System at a Lower Cost

EHS TDM can produce water and air which are heated or cooled by a single outdoor unit. The air-to-air system achieves a stable temperature fast, while the air-to-water system delivers hot water to radiators, under-floor heating and sanitary water supplies. This cost-effective and eco-friendly technology is contained in one external fitting, so it is ideal for environments where space is limited.

Perfect All-in-One System

Perfect All-in-One System
The innovative EHS TDM feature enables a single outdoor unit to operate two functionalities. Smart control alternates between air-to-water and air-to-air as and when it is required. As there is just one unit to install, that offers benefit from installation cost saving and a more efficient use of space.

Quick Heating by TDM Technology

Quick Heating by TDM Technology
TDM technology provides users with a faster, more flexible, dual approach to controlling temperatures. This innovative solution speeds up the process by emitting hot air in addition to under-floor heating to warm up environments faster. Enjoy an ideal comfort condition within your home thanks to EHS TDM



  • Type

    Slim Duct

Power Supply (Indoor Unit) [Φ, #, V, Hz]

  • Power Supply (Indoor Unit) [Φ, #, V, Hz]

    1 / 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz


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