Ubigate Ethernet Switch iES4024GP


Ubigate Ethernet Switch iES4024GP

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Highest Gigabit Port Density

Highest Gigabit Port Density
Up to 4 10 / 100 / 1,000 Gigabit Uplink Ethernet Ports supported in 1RU Chassis (iES4028FP, iES4028F)

Voice VLAN and GVRP

Voice VLAN and GVRP
Supports 802.1Q and port-based VLAN, Dynamic VLAN supported through GVRP. Voice VLAN can provide best QoS for IP telephony automatically.

MultiLink Trunking through LACP

MultiLink Trunking through LACP
Can bundle multiple Ethernet Ports to provide bigger bandwidth pipe.


IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet supported in all the access ports (iES4028FP, iES4024GP)

IGMP Snooping

IGMP Snooping
Can save bandwidth and improve throughput by sending multicast traffic only to ports with registered multicast group members.

IP Clustering

IP Clustering
Up to 36 switches can be managed in a single logical group using a single IP address

Comprehensive Security

Comprehensive Security
L2 ~ L4 ACL, Radius, TACACS+, SSH, S니, 802.1x based Port Security, DHCP Snooping.


Software Feature

  • Flow Control

    IEEE 802.3x for full duplex modeBack pressure flow control half duplex mode
  • IGMP Snooping

    V1, V2, V3QuerierImmediate LeaveFiltering and throttling
  • Jumbo Frame

    10 K in gigabit ports
  • Link Aggregation

    IEEE 802.3ad with LACP - 8 aggregation groups up to 8 ports
  • MAC Addresses

    8 K MAC address entries
  • Management

    Management method - Web-based - Telnet (4 sessions) Software download - TFTP, XmodemDual Firmware ImagesConfiguarion file download - TFTPSNMP v1 / v2c / v3RMON {group 1, 2, 3, 9} BOOTP - ClientDHCP - Client, Relay (Option 82) Port Mirroring (one-to-many) Event / Error Log - Local, Syslog, SMTPRemote PingSNTPNTPIEEE 802.1ab (LLDP) UPnP, Banner, Web authenticationIP Clustering (36 members)
  • MVR

  • QnQ

  • Quality of Service

    Priority queue - Scheduling : Strict priority, WRR - 4 queue per portDiffServCOS - IEEE 802.1p - DSCP based COSRate limiting (Per Port Based) - Ingress - Engress
  • Security

    Storm Control - Broadcast storm - Multicast storm - DLF (Destination Lookup Failure) MAC Address filteringUsername / Password authenticationAccess control list (L2 / L3 / L4) AAA - RADIUS, TACACS+MAC based AuthenticationHTTPS / SSLSSHv1 / v2802.1x - Port-Based, Supplicant Support, VLAN Assignment, Guest VLAN, Co-works with Radius, TACACS + serverManagement Interface Access filtering - SNMP, WEB, TelnetDHCP SnoopingIP Source Guard
  • Spanning Tree

    IEEE 802.1D STPIEEE 802.1w RSTPIEEE 802.1s MSTPSpanning Tree Fast ForwardingAuto EdgeLoop Protection
  • VLAN

    802.1Q Tag-based VLAN802.1Q Port-based VLAN802.1v Protocol-based VLAN256 VLANs entries out of 4 K VLAN IDsGVRPVoice VLAN

Physical Feature

  • AC Input

    100 to 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Dimension

    4.3 x 44 x 32 cm 1.7 x 17.3 x 12.6 inch
  • Forwarding Rate

    35.7 Mpps
  • Network Interface

    10 / 100 BASE-T ports10 / 100 / 1,000 BASE-T ports
  • Ports

    22 10 / 100 BASE-T ports with PoE2 Gigabit Combo ports1 Console port
  • Power Consumption

    225 W (System 45 W, PoE 225 W)
  • Power-Over-Ethernet

    Maximum output power per port : 15.4 WMaximum output power per port : 7.5 W simultaneously
  • Switching Capacities

    48 Gbps
  • Weight

    4.33 kg 9.53 lbs
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