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Improving Diagnosis And Treatment

The Samsung Medical Centre in South Korea is now equipped with the Mobile EMR solution, giving doctors and nurses invaluable support to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients by facilitating the sharing of medical records.


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Company Overview
Republic of Korea


Customer Profile
Samsung Medical Centerincludes 1,960 In-patient beds, 40 departments, 8 special centers and over 120 special clinics. Employees over 7,400 people including over 1,200 doctors and 2,400 nurses.
Samsung Mobile EMR
(Samsung mobile e-patient chart)

GALAXY Tab 10.1
OS: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
LCD: 7" WSVGA (1024x600) TFT
3M Camera
Wi-Fi (b/g/n), BT 2.1, GPS
H/W: 360g 120.3x188.8x11.4(mm)
Business Solution
Samsung GALAXY Tab was selected to satisfy user demands relating to mobility, performance, convenience, and utility. With the development of the Samsung Mobile e-Patient Chart, SMC has strengthened medical information support services for both medical staff and patients.
The inconvenience of carrying paper charts. The method of printing and providing information on paper was inconvenient for carrying and storing information.

The difficulties of updating medical records. The Information regarding patients could not be updated anytime, anywhere. Notebook PCs had poor portability and despite the diverse portable devices available in today’s mobile generation, many of them are too small to deliver medical information that includes images.

Time-consuming tasks to prepare documents and transfer work, because various medical information devices were scattered throughout the hospital.
Mobile Rounding. For doctors, the preparation for rounding, reviewing patient statuses, and other tasks could be conducted anytime, anywhere, thus taking up less time. Moreover, when updating a patient’s status, the medical records are saved automatically as soon as the data is entered.

Mobile Office allows medical employees to search emails and share the information with other doctors and relevant individuals.

Medical Support Service provides the latest medical and other important information. Doctors can get the patient’s latest condition and relate this information directly to them. This information can then also be shared with the patient in a text file. They can view his/her latest condition and express their feedback to the doctors.
Improves medical service quality
• Satisfies patients by sharing medical information.
• Eliminates congestion around the hospital work stations.

Improves work efficiency and accuracy
• Medical information can be updated and shared in real time.
• Increases self-development opportunities by reducing work-time.