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Support For The Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry is benefiting from an innovative mobile customer relations management (M-CRM) system that works through the Samsung GALAXY S, giving customers efficient, secure data at extremely competitive prices.


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Tokyo, Japan

Pharmaceuticals & Life Science

Customer Profile
5860 (As of 2011)
NTT Docomo Smartphone Remote Control

A solution which can limit use of devices in accordance with the policy of the company. Especially, it can prevent outflow of business data and security actions can be taken remotely

Business Solution
• Changeover to a group system which can adequately cope with diverse consumer requirements
• Implementation of a distribution system which aims at safe and stable supply of medicine
• Establishment of a new distribution system in which real-time checking and inventory search are made possible by adopting a mobile CRM solution
• Support for real-time inventory search under client/server environment by adopting smartphones in business and support departments
• Company policy limiting the use of devices
• Preventing leaks of business data due to outflow of devices

A major criteria for product selection was whether a security and stability solution for the smartphone which is one of the biggest considerations in adopting a mobile solution will be provided or not.
• NTT Docomo Smartphone Remote Control

Samsung GALAXY S was the only supplier which met the deadline to upgrade the latest version of Android OS within the desired timeframe, and was the only model which provided a remote control service through close cooperation with NTT Docomo. It was a solution which could resolve any security concerns arising from the loss of smartphones, and offered functions such as initialisation of screen lock and remote execution of security actions.
• Implementation of a new distribution system with the focus on stability and security as well as reducing costs
• Long-term cost reduction by adopting the mobile solution, which can replace more than 80% of business conducted using existing notebook computers
• Enhancement in customer satisfaction through real-time checking and inventory search
This was a successful case study in the m-CRM market of the Japanese drug manufacturing industry and will have an important influence on the introduction of m-CRM in the future. It was possible to implement a new distribution system with the focus on stability, security, and low costs. Important data could be protected in preparation for loss of smartphones, by adopting a solution through cooperation with a communications company and a security-related manufacturer.