Samsung offers you the option of being able to load a dish up to the size of 36cm. Wash most large items such as oven trays, baking trays, pizza trays & cake pans more easily

Smart Cutlery Tray

Lager capacity with Smart Cutlery Tray to make unloading much easier, No need to unload cutlery one by one. Detachable and movable with handle that provide more space in the bottom rack for more dishes.

Biggest Dish Loading 36cm

You can load 36cm the biggest dish only in Samsung new dishwasher. Wash large items such as oven trays, baking trays, pizza trays and cake pans more easily.

Powerful Washing Performance

Samsung dishwasher with the Power wash zone provides perfect cleaning performance for dishware. This zone is especially to clean sticky casseroles and pans without the hassle of pre-washing by hand.

Angled Racking system

Rack allows dishes to rest at an angle, so water runs off and drying becomes more efficient.

Full Flex Tine

The full flex tine system creates the space for larger dishware when you need it. Its adjustable fold down tines in 2steps provide more flexibility as various forms of dishes or bowls can be loaded in.

Adjustable Upper Basket

If required, the height of the upper rack can be adjusted in order to create more space for large utensils either in the upper rack or lower rack. The upper rack can be adjusted by lifting the handle in a downward or upward direction. Long items, serving cutlery, salad servers or knives should be placed on the shelf so that they do not obstruct the rotation of the spray arms. The shelf can be folded back or removed when not required for use.

Flex Washing 1/2

The half load option may be used to operate either the upper or the lower rack only when washing small amount, few dishes that fills half or less of the dishwasher capacity.

Energy Efficiency

Samsung dishwasher is highly efficient for the energy, washing and drying performance.

A+ Energy Rating, Digital Display, 7 Programmes, Auto Programme, 5 Additional options inlcuding: Half Load (Upper or Lower) / Delay Start (24H) / 3 in 1 Detergent / Child Lock / Memory Function, 36cm Big Dish, Disc-O Wash, 3 Spray arms, 3rd Space Cuttlery Tray, Aqua stop