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  • HT-F9750W/XA|WAM751/XA|HT-H4550K/XA|HT-H5500K/XA|HT-H5550K/XA|HT-H7750WM/XA|HW-H450/XA|HW-H550/XA|HW-H551/XA|HW-H600/XA|HW-H750/XA|HW-H7500/XA|HW-H7501/XA|MM-E430D/XA|MX-F630DB/XA|MX-H630/XA|MX-HS6800/XA|MX-HS7000/XA|MX-HS8000/XA|MX-HS9000/XA|WAM250/XA|WAM550/XA|WAM551/XA|WAM750/XA|HT-H4500K/XA
1. TV SoundConnect is available with Samsung Soundbars and Multiroom Speakers only, and is only compatible with 6400 series models and higher Bluetooth®-enabled Samsung Smart TVs.
2. HDMI cable is sold separately. Certain types of USB support devices may not be compatible depending on factors such as USB memory size and power supply.
3. An NFC-enabled compatible device is required. NFC App may need to be downloaded. Internet connection required. Data, subscription or other charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party service provider agreements.