Launching People
Every great idea starts somewhere

Samsung Launching People took on the challenge to help address a national issue. And they’ve done it.

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The Story

Samsung South Africa was chosen as 1 of only 8 countries to take part in the Launching People #MixedTalents global initiative to accelerate discoveries and create new possibilities. Two great minds combined their skills to help address the problem of youth unemployment in South Africa, powered by Samsung technology.

The project started with focus groups of South African millennials between the ages of 18 and 34, to better understand the issues they face on a daily basis – issues that Samsung’s expert duo could potentially use in the process of addressing the problem and coming up with a solution.

35% of the millennials in the focus groups found it difficult to secure a job and it’s this insight that inspired the Launching People #MixedTalents project. Workshops were set up with various industry experts to explore possible solutions to this challenge.

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The experts

Carol Koffman and Jonathan Liebmann were Samsung’s power team that facilitated these workshops. Carol and Jonathan collaborated and led a series of 8 workshops to find possible ways to address the issue of unemployment among young South Africans. These workshops were showcased on Samsung’s digital platforms to increase awareness of the problem in South Africa and how the project aimed to address it.

After weeks of discussions and a fair amount of groundwork, the expert panel identified entrepreneurship as the key to a possible solution.

Once entrepreneurship was identified as a means to a solution, the expert pair concluded that they needed to create an Ideas Bank that would give young minds the opportunity to pitch their unique ideas to the South African business community. The ideas would be vetted for financial viability and backed by the relevant resources needed to turn them into a reality.

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The solution

Samsung, Carol and Jonathan partnered with METIME, an online start-up that specialises in creating employment opportunities, to bring the Ideas Bank to fruition in the form of an app that would be easily accessible to the South African youth.

The BETA phase of the METIME app was successfully launched in February 2016 and members of the public were urged to submit their ideas, which were vetted by a panel of experts. Three applicants were selected, each receiving R50 000 in start-up capital and mentorship support to help kick-start their business dreams.

Samsung believes that technology has the ability to spark innovation and allow people to come up with ideas that are practical, sustainable and impactful and help the unemployed youth of South Africa realise their dreams. The Launching People #MixedTalents initiative has gone a long way in helping the youth of South Africa in making their ideas a reality.

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