Oct 25, 2013

Now it is possible with the Samsung range of eco-friendly air conditioners

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – October 25, 2013 – The onset of Spring is welcomed by most South Africans after the colder Winter months; but for the one in five who are affected by hay fever or seasonal allergies, it is also a period of huge discomfort and as a result are looking for new ways to relieve this.

Michael McKechnie, Business Leader for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa, says this expected increase in pollen counts, means that allergy sufferers need to start identifying practical ways to counteract their aversions. “Sneezing and coughing are common when the season changes because the body considers pollen to be a foreign object and therefore rejects it.”

He says however that there are simple ways to mitigate the impact of these symptoms occurring. “Keeping doors and windows shut is one approach, but in the long summer months this is not always practical. By introducing an air purifier system to the home or an enclosed environment one can still enjoy the weather without concern for illness or infection.”

“Innovations in the latest air purifier systems have helped to eradicate allergens that cause hay fever by applying S-Plasma ion technology – an environmentally friendly solution that filters the air while releasing hydrogen and oxygen ions into the atmosphere,” says McKechnie.

He notes that these are airborne soldiers that assist in providing a cleaner and healthier environment by neutralising the bacteria, fungi and pollen that encourage allergic reactions.

“Although this is useful in the home or office, the reality is that many South Africans spend much of their time in the car. For this reason it is important to look at solutions such as the new smaller, portable air purifiers that can be used by simply connecting the purifier to a cigarette jack of a car.”

“Allergies can be a huge problem during the Spring and Summer months; but with innovative and effective technology available, sufferers can ensure they no longer endure months of sneezing, when indoors or when driving,” concludes McKechnie.

According to research published this year by Dr. Leonard Bielory, an allergy specialist with the Rutgers Centre for Environmental Prediction, pollen counts are expected to increase by 20%, by the year 2020.

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