Do You Know About Samsung ADH Customer Service Benefit?

Nov 29, 2013

(ADH), which stands for Accidental Damage from Handling, is a unique product offering designed exclusively for Samsung Electronics Africa as a world first from a Device manufacturer point of view. Initially ADH will be offered on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone; however more Samsung Smart Devices will follow and will be eligible for the ADH customer benefit in future.

ADH will be incorporated into the existing Samsung 24-month standard factory warranty on the GALAXY S4 and will protect your device from accidental damage during normal use. It will cover screen repairs and liquid damage repairs to your device that is damaged within the Samsung 24 month warranty period. Each Device is allowed 2 incidents per 24-month period:

• 1 Screen repair and 1 liquid damage repair


• 2 screen repairs


• 2 liquid damage repairs

Should both a liquid damage and screen damage incident occur as your first incident and at the same time, this will constitute both the first and the second incident within the 24 month warranty period and your ADH cover will cease.

If the second incident is both a screen damage and a liquid damage at the same time, then the ADH repair will be provided to the ‘greater of’ damage, be it liquid damage or screen damage and the ‘lessor of’ damage will be for the account of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Device owner.

It is very important that after purchasing your Galaxy S4, you then register it through the Samsung E-warranty service. To register, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to ‘messages*’ application from your Samsung Galaxy S4

2. Create new message

3. Type your Country’s Short code under recipient

4. Then type : REG*IMEI NUMBER#

5. Send

You will get an initial response that reads:

“Thank you for buying a Samsung S4. Registration SUCCESSFUL. You have 2 year warranty from date of purchase. This will be followed by a Second message to all S4 users:

(* Standard SMS rates apply in the selected countries)

In the event of damage, you will then be able to take the device to an Accredited Samsung Service Centre who will replace the screen or board free of charge with no incident fee having to be paid by the customer.

This ADH Product will initially be made available to all 16 African countries that have E-warranty registration capabilities and the countries and their respective short codes are as follows:

Participating Countries and Short Codes:

Country Short Code Short Code
Ethiopia 8855
Kenya 22585
Sudan 5585
Tanzania 15685
Uganda 6585
Cote d’ivoire 98123
Ghana 1453
Nigeria 20353
Senegal 22023
Angola 44224
Botswana 16776
Mauritius 8979
Mozambique 99039
Namibia 35585
South Africa 34622
Zambia 4664

ADH is currently only available on Samsung Galaxy S4 Devices and more Devices to follow