New Samsung Wobble Washing Machine delivers an Improved Laundry Experience

Oct 29, 2013

Innovative Technology Delivers Outstanding Care and Cleaning Power

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – October 29, 2013 – Samsung Electronics South Africa, a global leader in digital home appliances, announced today its latest innovation in laundry care with the Samsung Wobble washing machine (Model No. WA16F).

“The invention of Wobble technology is another example of Samsung’s commitment to designing products that feature superior, cutting-edge technology that will best assist consumers in their household chores,” said Mr. Rajan Gungiah, Business Leader for Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics South Africa. The new durable top-loading washing machine with Wobble Technology transforms the daily laundry experience by preserving clothing quality while cleaning effectively.”

More Fabric Care with Fewer Tangles and Less Damage through Wobble Technology

The new washing machine features Samsung’s newly developed Wobble Technology that prevents fabric damage caused by friction without compromising washing performance. The machine boasts specially shaped fins and built-in rollers around the drum to create a multi-directional washing flow resulting in cleaner clothes. The unique structure of the Wobble pulsator creates both left and right, upward and downward flows, creating a three-dimensional dynamic water current. Cycles are powerful enough to thoroughly clean the heaviest of stains, yet gentle enough so fabrics are unharmed.

In addition to the Wobble Technology’s water control innovations that bring enhanced fabric-protection performance, the new washer also features:

New Diamond Drum: Uniquely-designed drum holes located on the sides of the washer are embossed in a diamond shape, creating the perfect environment for gentle yet effective washing. The design prevents fabrics from getting caught in the drum.
Air Turbo Drying System: Powerful dual-air intake rapidly rotates the drum to remove more water from the clothing load, significantly reducing drying time.
Waterfall Cascade: A gentle cascading water flow comes upwards through the middle of the drum, providing a gentle cycle for clothes.

Digital Inverter Motor Gives the Washer a Longer Lifetime on 16kg and 18kg models

The Wobble Washer incorporates Samsung’s innovative Digital Inverter Motor (DIM), an advanced technology that contributes to long-lasting durability and extends the washer’s lifetime. The DIM is brushless and contains minimal moving parts, meaning there is less chance of parts wearing out or breaking. For these reasons, Samsung guarantees the washer’s motor with a 10-year warranty.

The washer also features other components that complement its unmatched durability:

Magic Filter: A build-up of lint is often to blame for washer malfunction. This special feature gathers and automatically cleans out fluff and other objects in case the user does not remove fur after every use.
Eco Tub Clean: The washer is specially designed to remove dirt and other build-up within the drum without the need for a special chemical detergent. It keeps the drum clean through a special soaking and spinning water motion.

Seamless Design
The ergonomic design of the Wobble Washer makes it easy to use as well as aesthetically-pleasing against the backdrop of any home. It features a round-edged design with smooth, gentle curves and a sleek chrome finish. Other features of its cutting-edge design include:

Dual Cluster Control Panel: The intuitive Dual Cluster Control Panel allows users to easily choose specific modes with the touch of a button.
Larger Detergent Container: A larger detergent container allows users to neatly fill detergent for even the most demanding of wash cycles.
Durable Tempered Glass: As another testament to its durability, the top panel is made of scratch-free tempered glass designed to withstand the demands of repeated use as well as wear and tear.

The Samsung Wobble Washer is a smart investment for any home and lifestyle. It is durable yet gently cleans an assortment of loads with the utmost care.

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