[How-to Guides] Fabric softener does not drain.

Last Update date : 2017.01.17

STEP1. Fabric softener does not drain. No title


There can be three reasons why fabric softener does not drain:

1) Your washer is not leveled

2) The dispenser is clogged.

3) Your washer is getting low water pressure.


If your fabric softener is not draining, check the instructions below:

    1. If your washer is not leveled:

    Make sure the washer is leveled. If the washer is not even, residual of fabric softener can be collected in your washer and clog the dispenser.

    2. If the dispenser is clogged:

    Make sure the dispenser is not clogged. Remove the dispenser, and then remove the blue siphoning cap. Rinse the dispenser thoroughly in warm water, and then reinstall the cap and dispenser.


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