Galaxy s7 being held up

The better edge

The edge accommodates up to 9 panels giving you access to everything you need right away, from calling a cab to getting sports updates. With Apps edge, for instance, you can create up to 10 app shortcuts and folders.

*Only for Galaxy S7 edge

Apps edge panel showing on galaxy s7 edge’s edge screen

Handle the edge

When you're using the edge screen to do so much, it makes sense to tailor the handle so it fits your hand perfectly. Go to settings to customize its size, transparency and position.

*Only for Galaxy S7 edge

Handle on galaxy s7 edge’s edge screen

Tasks edge

Quick access. By creating shortcuts to specific functions of your favorite apps or contacts, everything you need quickly is on the edge, whether it's taking selfies, opening a particular memo or just calling mom.

*Only for Galaxy S7 edge

hand holding galaxy s7 edge with tasks edge on edge screen

Quick tools

Whether you need to measure that space between your desk and the wall or to look for items under the bed, the edge screen will come in handy by transforming into a ruler, flashlight or compass.

*Only for Galaxy S7 edge

Ruler on galaxy s7 edge’s edge screen.
App icons on galaxy s7 edge screen

Always on display

With AOD, you can get information at a glance without waking up your phone. And it's smart enough to be automatically disabled when the phone's in your pocket or bag, when it's face down or when the battery's running low.

Always on display or AOD showing the date, time and notifications
Always on display or AOD showing on the Galaxy s7 edge screen.

Information that matters

You get to choose what kind of information you're able to check when the screen's off. To avoid screen burn-in, the graphics are routinely moved around.

Customize your display

Download themes to style your display. With the wide range of designs available at the Theme Store, it's another way to add character to your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Galaxy s7 edges with customized AOD screen images