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Beat the Heat with Cool Blue Art

Display classic and contemporary blue artwork at home with The Frame.

A man and his two children play a game next to The Frame. The Frame is on the Studio Stand displaying a bright blue picture of beach waters beneath a clear blue sky.

We love to spend time out in the sun. But the sun’s harsh rays can quickly tire the body and mind. In hot weather, cool and calming blue hues provide instant relief from the blazing heat. Incorporate refreshing photos of the sea or masterful paintings of the night sky into your décor for a splash of cool color at home. Curate a collection of blue art on The Frame for a healing oasis away from the heat.

The Frame hangs on the wall with the no gap wall mount. It is displaying 'ALB100 (2011)' by Rafael Neff, a picture of the blue oceanfront with blue and white beach chairs scattered in the forefront.

Splendid blues in nature

Blue is the natural color of the wide sky and the deep sea. Staring into the ocean, where water meets sky in a magnificent display of natural blue, fills us with peace and new energy. Just picture a sunny day on the beach with shimmering lights dancing off the surface of the tinted ocean – you feel light and refreshed. Display a photograph of a vast, blue oceanfront on your TV and be transported to its pristine shores. You can almost feel the breeze on your face and the sand between your toes.

A man and his child are together in the kitchen. The Frame is on the wall displaying 'Walrus mother and calf resting on an iceberg (2017)' by BBC, a picture of a walrus and her calf on top of an iceberg in the deep turquoise sea.

Some of the most alluring shades of blue in nature are visible when light interacts with water. As sunlight travels through the deep ocean, it illuminates various layers of the sea in an exotic mix of blues and greens. The unique, organic colors come alive on The Frame to reflect the mysterious nature of the world beneath. Feel a serene sense of security wash over you as you bask in the awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature.

“We love to contemplate blue — not because it advances to us, but because it draws us after it.”

– Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The Frame in Art Mode displaying 'The Starry Night (1889)' by Vincent van Gogh. A woman looks at the painting while she and her child draw and paint at the dining room table. The Frame displays 'Eastern Point Light (1880)' by Winslow Homer, a picture of two boats sailing in the deep night sky with a full moon overhead.

With the development of cobalt blue in the 19th century, blue became a widespread color in art favored by classic and contemporary painters alike. One famous blue painting created by possibly the most influential artist in history is ‘The Starry Night.’ Vincent Van Gogh expressed his journey through pain and mental illness in a swirling blue painting of the night sky. View the dark colors play with the light in a beautiful and timeless depiction of struggle and hope.

Pantone announced Classic Blue as the enduring color of 2020 – in hopes to instill calm, confidence and connection in the era to come. Deep, muted blues wash away strain from the day and signal the mind and body to rest. Feel the peaceful tranquility of the night sky lift your mood as you wind down for a relaxing night.

A woman in a large open studio looks through the blue art pieces available in the Samsung Art Store on The Frame.

Add your signature touch. Customize each piece with a sleek matte finish and border color that speaks to you.

Accent your space with the coolest color

Cool and soothing in nature, blue is a color that’s also full of character and meaning. Views of light and dark blues in art create a refreshing and restoring ambience in your home that also inspires you to appreciate the beauty of life. Collect your own favorite pieces of blue artwork with The Frame to transform your home into a cool and inspiring retreat.


Add your signature touch. Customize each piece with a sleek matte finish and border color that speaks to you.

Curate your own blue art collection with The Frame

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