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Snuggle Up with
New Apple Originals

Get cozy on the couch with fresh original content from Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ logo appears in the middle of the black screen.
Scenes from See with See logo. Scenes from Servant with Servant logo. Scenes from Defending Jacob with Defending Jacob logo. Scenes from The Morning Show with The Morning Show logo. Apple TV+ logo lights up on a black background.
white background
Scenes from Apple Original Series. The characters. Scenes from Defending Jacob with the Defending Jacob logo. That become icons. Scenes from See with the See logo. The stories. Scenes from The Morning Show with The Morning Show logo. That become legends. Scenes from Servant with the Servant logo. More scenes from Defending Jacob, See, The Morning Show and Servant in succession. The Apple TV+ logo lights up on a black background.

Now’s the perfect time to sit back, grab some popcorn and treat yourself with some much-needed couch time. Check out the latest lineup of bingeworthy Apple original series and films to help you relax and stay well.

Live out the full drama on the big screen

Samsung Smart TV hangs on the wall displaying the Apple TV app, with access to Apple TV + content.

Watch the action unfold on your TV. When big scenes call for a big display, use Airplay 2 and screen mirroring to shift your viewing from a mobile device to your Samsung Smart TV. Vamp up the immersive sights and sounds of your favorite movie with Samsung 2020 QLED 8K and Q Soundbar for a theatre experience in your own home. Now grab some snacks and begin your viewing adventure.

Three friends share a blanket on the couch while throwing popcorn up and catching it in their mouths.
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* Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only.
The appearance and design specifications which is not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice.
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*TV must be connected to a network.

Enhance your viewing pleasure

Stream your favorite shows on the big screen in clear and vivid picture quality -
the way they were meant to be seen.

2020 The Frame QLED Smart 4K UHD TV

2020 The Frame

2020 Samsung QLED 8K Q950 Smart TV

2020 QLED 8K

2020 Samsung The Serif

2020 The Serif

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