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A man and child stand in the living room looking out onto the terrace. Samsung’s The Frame displays a beautiful mountain landscape on screen.

When you feel bored with daily life, a short trip can help renew your mind and refresh your energy. And even if you don’t have time for a vacation, it only takes a moment to dive into the worlds of scenic photos at home. It’s amazing how high quality photography and a little imagination can give you the escape that traveling offers. And now with Magnum Photos on The Frame, fantastic views of the world’s best vacation spots are at your fingertips.

The Frame mounted in the center of an art gallery.
The Frame mounted in the center of an art gallery. Art pieces lining the gallery’s walls shift shapes and become The Frame. The art gallery transforms around The Frame in the center into a living room. The Frame is now displaying art in the living room. Art Mode. Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. Specifications and GUI may vary by model or region. The artwork shifts through options and is set to The Night (2016) by Inhye Lee. The artwork fills the screen. TV Mode. A hand turns on the TV. The Frame turns on a show. A woman turns the TV off and The Frame turns back into a picture frame with the artwork on display. TV when it’s on, Art when it’s off. The Frame. Samsung logo.

Marvel at the grandeur of Mother Nature

There’s something majestic – even divine – about vast natural monuments and landscapes that stretch out as far as the eye can see. A deep forest or an endless mountain range overwhelm us with their beauty and sheer magnitude. Take a moment to appreciate some of the earth’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring formations with these nature photos.

Carved out by the Colorado River over millions of years, the steep layers of the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona testify to Mother Nature’s enduring beauty. Look out onto the canyon from Mather Point to enjoy a magnificent view of one of the world’s greatest attractions.

Next up, are the jagged mountaintops of Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia, Argentina. Sculpted by wild winds, this sharp summit seems to rise up from the ground to tower above the surrounding landscape. And set against the glow of a red sky, its proud peaks move you to a humble admiration.

Some highlands, like China’s Yellow Mountains, have a mystical and otherworldly allure. Tall mountain peaks resemble islands as they poke their heads above a sea of clouds. Their dreamlike appearance has inspired poets and artists alike and continues to spark our imaginations today.

Another fascinating landscape encompasses the mineral deposits of Lake Natron in Tanzania. Salt crusts over the lake formed by saline water look like magical dragon scales. Paired with the seamless reflection of the terrain in the background, this place looks more like a painting than a photograph.

Discover the thrill of the unknown

Sometimes a spontaneous trip to an obscure location leads to the most memorable discoveries. Free yourself from the obligation of making plans and join us as we visit a remote village in the depths of China and take a virtual cruise down the wide, open highway.

A man walks in Yangshuo in Guangxi, China.

The once-secluded village of Yangshuo lies tucked away between the mountains of Guilin, China and is bordered by the Li River. Though it is now a popular stop for domestic and foreign visitors alike, it’s still the perfect place to see rural China at its best. Surrounded by looming green hills that offer the most captivating scenery in China, this peaceful village is simply sublime.

First, Dalton Highway between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay.(1995) by Thomas Hoepker. Second, a horse with art at its stable wall. (1990) by Thomas Hoepker.

Dalton Highway is the world’s northernmost highway that cuts through Alaska and leads to the Arctic Ocean. You can watch the landscape change outside as you travel down its long and infamously empty road. Imagine driving solo on a scenic road trip adventure – who knows who or what you may encounter along the way.

Indulge yourself in a private island getaway

When we think of the ultimate relaxing vacation, it’s not unusual to visualize an exotic island surrounded by the clear blue sea. Tall palm trees and gentle beach waves invite you to bask in the warmth of the sun and let go of all your worries. Just picturing yourself on your own private island can help soothe your mind at home.

First, PALAU. Caroline Islands. (2000) by Stuart Franklin. Second, FRENCH POLYNESIA, BORA BORA. Aerial picture of Bora Bora (1960) by Burt Glinn.

Coast to the picturesque Caroline Islands of Palau, a group of tiny coral islands found in the Pacific Ocean. They are one of the most isolated islands in the world and are covered by luscious green vegetation and pristine white beaches. The emerald-tinted waters add to their island appeal, making them the quintessential vision of a tropical paradise.

There's also an island vacation destination that needs no introduction: Bora Bora in the South Pacific. Famous for its warm and crystal-clear waters, visitors come from all over the world to relax on its beach shores. Its beautiful coral reef is a natural aquarium teeming with colorful creatures waiting to be explored.

Terraced rice fields close to Ubud in the Central Highlands of Bali, Indonesia.

If you're looking for a truly unique island travel experience, the Central Highlands in the heart of Bali are an unusual but wonderful sight. Layers of rice terraces line the hills, interlaced with exotic palm trees that paint the entire scene in a lush, fertile green. The bright burst of natural color is stunning, giving you a sense of deep peace and serenity.

A woman lays back on her couch with an aerial view of Bora Bora displayed on The Frame.
A man and woman embrace their child in front of a tent in their living room with the Grand Canyon National Park displayed on Samsung’s The Frame.

Go on a virtual trip at any time of day

Magnum Photos have the power to transport you instantly to some of the most beautiful places on our planet. Take off on an inspirational virtual tour whenever you like through the works of world-renowned Magnum photographers. And with true-to-life picture quality on The Frame, you can feel the full impact of each vivid photo right at home.

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