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How-to tips picked up on the set of Lee Chung Hyun’s new film Heart Attack.

A top-down shot of a woman laying out small plastic body parts on a desk surrounded by books.

Coming up with a short film idea can be daunting enough before you add in equipment like stabilizers, high-tech cameras and complicated lighting. If you find yourself long on vision but short on means, keep reading to see how Korean director Lee Chung Hyun brought a mind-bending story of tragedy, love and time travel to life—with nothing more than a Galaxy S20 Series and some stuff he had on hand.

A behind-the-scenes shot of the Heart Attack film set. A production assistant holds a clapboard while the crew waits for a shot to finish.

This is a great moment for content creators.

With the amount of filmmaking technology baked into Galaxy devices these days, there’s never been a better time to launch an idea for the screen. Like so much else in the digital revolution, the tools of creating a visual story have been massively democratized. More can be accomplished today with a simple mobile device than professional filmmakers with entire studios behind them could do generations ago, and the freedom gained by not being weighed down by expensive cameras and elaborate tech translates to new, fresh takes on films.

Director Lee Chung Hyun sits in a chair against a grey background while being interviewed.

The visionary

Thirty-year-old director Lee Chung Hyun is already making a name for himself in Korea. He received acclaim in 2015 for his short film Bargain, and his next film, Call, is set to debut in 2020. Lee partnered with Yong Film—the production company behind Believer and Park Chan Wook’s The Handmaiden—for this next project. Offered a Galaxy S20 Ultra and an invitation to make whatever short film he wanted, Lee jumped at the chance to show what’s possible when Galaxy technology is put in the hands of great storytellers—and the results are amazing.

Heart Attack Exclusive Trailer

A woman sits on the floor against a wall, surrounded by books and writing in a notepad.
This is the trailer for Lee Chung Hyun's short film Heart Attack. It starts with a young woman sitting alone in a living room, surrounded by her longboard, some piles of books and pieces of paper with medical notes and diagrams on them. She narrates the scene in Korean. Text on screen tells us this is the latest film from Lee Chyung Hung, the director of Bargain and Call, and the production team behind The Handmaiden and Believer, Yong Film Production. The trailer cuts to scenes in a large park with an empty swimming pool the woman longboards through while a young man plays basketball. Text on screen intercuts scenes with the question, "If time could be reversed, Can fate be changed?" We see scenes of the woman trying to save the man via CPR over and over again. Lee Sung Kyung stars in HEART ATTACK, streaming November 1 on Samsung's YouTube channel and filmed with a Galaxy S20 Series device. SAMSUNG

“Anyone with a story to tell already has the equipment in their hand.” 

—Lee Chung Hyun

The promotional poster for director Lee Chung Hyun's Heart Attack. An upside down longboard with stickers on it lays next to a basketball on a court. The words HEART ATTACK are scrawled across the poster. YONG FILM production. Film by Lee Chung Hyun, the director of <BARGAIN> and <CALL>. Starring Lee Sung Kyung. Release date: November 1. Filmed #withGalaxy. Youtube/Samsung
The back of a grey Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, showing the multi-camera system.
Super Steady

None of Lee’s shot tricks could have been pulled off without the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Super Steady.

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The vision

His movie, Heart Attack, tells the story of a young woman who keeps sending herself back in time, hoping to save her love from a rogue heart attack. The visually striking piece asks us to reconsider how we view the past and present, and brilliantly draws the viewer in with authentic ambience, mise-en-scène and captivating colour.

Catch the trailer above and keep scrolling for four quick tips from the film crew to help you shoot your own short film.

The back of a grey Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, showing the multi-camera system.
Super Steady

None of Lee’s shot tricks could have been pulled off without the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Super Steady.

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Filmmaking Tips Using Everyday Items

Ready to shoot your own short film? The camera tricks below require nothing more than a Galaxy device and some simple items you might have at the ready—no pro equipment required. Find out how you can create similar cinematic sleights of hand on your own.

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Go behind the scenes with Lee Chung Hyun

Over the shoulder shot of the cameraman as he lines up a shot of the lead actress in the film. Other crew members look on.
HEART ATTACK Behind The Scenes Filmed #withGalaxy S20 Series. Heart Attack? This is a behind the scenes video for director Lee Chung Hyun's new film Heart Attack. Footage from the set of the shoot is playing, intercut with footage of interviews with crew members. 'Director Lee Chung Hyun' introduces the film and answers to the question- In terms of its direction, how did you approach the film? Next 'Cinematographer Kim Sang Il' appears and answers to the question- Tell us about your experience shooting the film on a Galaxy S20? Then Director Lee Chung Hyun appears again and gives answers to the last question- How was the production process different from ordinary films? The video ends with a heartbeat on screen. Filmed #withGalaxy S20 Series. SAMSUNG *This production was conducted in compliance with government regulations. All crew members had their temperature checked and wore masks. All equipment and props were disinfected regularly.

Ready to bring life to your own vision?

Watch Lee Chung Hyun’s Heart Attack on the Samsung YouTube channel now, then get these filmmaking essentials and start bringing your ideas to life.

Back and front views of a grey Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Rearview product shots of Galaxy S20 FE phones in Cloud Orange, Cloud Mint, Cloud White, Cloud Red, Cloud Navy and Cloud Lavender. The last phone is front-facing to reveal multi-coloured red, orange and purple flowers on display.

Galaxy S20 FE 5G

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