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Who has seen the astonishing photo on Sheikh Zayed Road? Hard to believe it was captured on a phone, right? Well, listen to this: now, you can capture like a pro without being a pro using a Galaxy phone; AKA #withGalaxy!

If you’re down for an exciting journey, hop on and join the community of #withGalaxy on Instagram for a chance to get featured across all Samsung channels and win an unforgettable trip to the global unveiling event of the next Galaxy. Get your photos the exposure they deserve, and show the world how good of a photographer you are!


Galaxy S10 has one of the most intelligent cameras which recommends the perfect composition and angle of any shot. It can also capture with an Ultra-Wide angle, and that can literally expand your options! Now that Galaxy S10 has the power to give your photos a pro-like feel, getting creative shall make the job extra fun!

Not only that, but you also have the opportunity of a lifetime! The all-expense-paid overseas trip that Samsung is offering is highly exclusive since visitors get to be the first to see and experience the new flagship. Being a part of the community, you will be treated as a VIP guest and have access to special benefits. That’s while traveling alongside the most talented photographers in the region such as Asil Abdo and Who.Sane as well as the well-known Kris Fade and Khalid Al Ameri.

Don’t miss your chance, and share your best pro-like photos on Instagram using #withGalaxy and tag @samsunggulf on the photo itself. It’s that simple! What are you waiting for?

Don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S10? No problem! With ANY Samsung device, you can join the #withGalaxy tribe, and your photos could be featured on Samsung’s website and social platforms. From there, you could be one of the lucky winners!

Head to for more inspiration about the #withGalaxy, and get more tips and tricks for amazing shots!

Samsung Galaxy S10

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