Samsung Future Academy - AI Course Samsung Future Academy - AI Course
Future Academy
Machine Learning Program

Samsung Prepares You For the Future

As part of Samsung’s vision and commitment to inspire and create a brighter tomorrow,
the Future Academy is launching the first ever blended learning digital course in
Machine Learning for Youth across the UAE.
If you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of AI and develop you technical skills,
This is the place to start!
Join our Future Academy for a unique learning experience designed to give you the
Foundation to enhance your future career. Limited Spots Available.
This free course is available with limited seats.
Registration ends on 29th October 2020.
  • Eligibility
    Ages 18 - 35, UAE Residents /
    High school level STEM courses /
    Basic of linear algebra, probability theory, and calculus
    Knowledge in programming and statistics (such as Python, C++, or Java)
  • Schedule
    Start Date: 5th November
    End Date: 7th December
    Applications close at 6pm, 29th October
  • Venue
    Any place of your choice(as long as you are online)

Why this course?

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    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    through Machine Learning
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    Suitable for beginners
    and non-coding experts
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    Interaction with an expert instructor to help
    you achieve high understanding through
    blended learning, not just static content.
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    This is a free course,
    available to excited learners.
    Materials and access to learning
    platform is without cost.

Course highlights

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    Understand the statistical
    and mathematical foundation
    of Machine Learning.
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    Understand the basics
    of python and the libraries
    used for Machine Learning algorithms.
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    Apply Machine learning
    algorithms to real data
    sets using Python.
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    Build Machine learning
    projects based on the above learning
    and following the Data Science life cycle.