4K Technology Brings the Big Screen Experience to Home Viewing


Watching TV is no longer the passive experience we grew up with; it’s immersive, detailed and even exceeds the quality we often still see on the silver screen. In fact, by 2019 it’s predicted that over 330 million 4K UHD TVs will be sold around the world. Compare that with 2013, when the figure was just two million, and the phenomenal rise shows just how hungry consumers are for the best home viewing experience.


Leading this new chapter of sensory storytelling is Samsung; its SUHD TVs incorporate high dynamic range (HDR) and breathtaking picture quality that appears more lifelike than ever before. Samsung’s open HDR format is called Peak Illuminator Ultimate. With darker blacks and whiter whites, HDR brings never-before-seen contrast levels, with brighter images (two and a half times more than conventional TVs) and considerable advancement in picture quality.


Bringing entertainment to life, Samsung’s proprietary and innovative Nano-Crystal technology produces a wide range of more accurate colors, the all-new 10 bit panel provides viewers with 64 times more color expression than standard TVs. But when an average human can only perceive a million different colors, why is there a race for even higher numbers when it comes to color expression? While color distinguishing possibilities vary between individuals, delivering this level of quality ensures a superior immersive experience for all viewers.


But more than fantastic color expression, Samsung’s SUHD TVs are packed with the latest Smart TV features, which enable consumers to easily connect devices. Its Octa-core* processor powers entertainment at your fingertips, with an intuitive User Interface (UI).


In addition, the SUHD lineup features advanced Screen Mirroring technology. If you want to share holiday photographs with the whole family, show that funny video to the kids, or play your favorite album, you can mirror your phone or any other compatible mobile device to get that big screen experience.


Connectivity is the future of home viewing, and Samsung is paving the way for the next generation of IoT-enabled 4K UHD TVs with innovative technology today. The curved range features an even more immersive design, providing a sense of depth and contrast for a definitive cinema-like feel, enveloping the viewer in stunning picture quality. The Samsung SUHD TV JS9500, for example, also features Samsung’s Chamfer bezel design with an elegant frame, making the TV almost a piece of art, especially when wall-mounted.


*Series 9 and above


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