Conquer your fears with Samsung technology. It’s time to #BeFearless


Every day, we see millennials facing their barriers.
Some comes through the common fears and can be a hurdle for the young.
So Samsung sets out to use Virtual reality to help them overcome and unleash their potential.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – October 11, 2015 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., wants people to “Be Fearless” and overcome their inner fears. Whether it’s fear of heights, flying, water, public speaking, or even a job interview – it can be a barrier in our daily lives which can relate to future. Samsung’s #BeFearless program wants young people to overcome their fears and let them understand “nothing can stop you”. Throughout this program, Samsung hope millennials to discover their full potential, with the help of the immersive experience of Virtual Reality and Samsung’s Gear VR.

“We created Launching People to help people get in touch with their dreams and let go of their fears through technology,” said Marco Vocale, Head of Consumer Marketing at Samsung Gulf Electronics. “We are honored that Google and Facebook have joined us this year, and we know that with their support, Launching People will unleash the potential of the Gulf region’s passionate and daring dreamers and creators.”


Working closely with Facebook and Oculus, as well asYonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital in South Korea, Samsung has developed a four-week VR training program designed with situations that we can encounter in our daily life. And participants in the #BeFearless program are able to learn how to conquer their fears through this VR training

Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, said “We applaud Samsung’s efforts in using technology to help people overcome their fears. We’re delighted to collaborate with Samsung as a communication partner to share #BeFearless stories and inspire people.”

Jaejin Kim, Professor from Yonsei University Gangnam Severance, said “We believe Samsung #BeFearless project is a meaningful attempt to covert the orientation of technological development in the human heart. In our actual clinic, many social anxiety disorder patients received the virtual reality treatment and successfully returned to society by overcoming their fears. Now, with Samsung Gear VR it is prepared to be open to the public. Everybody can take part in VR experience to learn to overcome the unwilling situation without facing in real life”

The program – running in Germany, Austria, Russia and the United Arab Emirates - is now looking for volunteers who are prepared to share and overcome their fears. Samsung will help participants to challenge themselves, face their fears and overcome them.

Using the hashtag #BeFearless, the public can support participants as they launch themselves directly at what they fear the most – and then take the success stories as an inspiration to overcome fears in their own lives.

“Be Fearless” is part of “Launching People”, a program designed to help people use technology to realize their dreams and accelerate their discoveries and possibilities.

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