Picture Quality Quantum dot display

We haven’t been able to see the world in all its detail on our TV screens. Until now. Samsung SUHD TV’s revolutionary Quantum dot technology brings life to the screen delivering picture quality that’s so lifelike, you’ll finally be able to see the subtle hues in bright sunlight to the hidden details in the night.

Design 360˚of Pure Simplicity

To make a visual statement, we stripped Samsung SUHD TV’s external hardware to the bare minimum, engineering a boundless screen on the front and a clean back that’s free of any screws. So when it’s powered off, the slim yet big screen SUHD TV stands as a fine piece of furniture that complements its surroundings.

Smart Enhanced
Smart TV

Setup is easy. Remarkably easy with this particular smart TV. Navigating content on the SUHD TV couldn’t be simpler because everything is accessible from one place — the smart hub. And one remote controls it all.