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on February 29, 2016

Whether you’re an avid TV binge-watcher or fairly new to the concept, most of us have watched several episodes in one sitting, at times even an entire season. And since we’re spending so much time in front of a screen, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy your TV binge session on a large, beautiful display, like the SUHD TV - especially since it gives you access to a wide range of some of the best content available, from Netflix and YouTube. And because everything is controlled with just one remote control, you can simply sit back and enjoy your favourite shows, delivered in high-definition picture quality.

What is binge-watching?

The term binge-watching emerged as TV-watching behaviors shifted. We used to work our weekly routine around catching our favourite shows, then came live TV recording. Today, with the Internet and streaming services like Netflix, we can watch several episodes, back-to-back. And the TV viewing experience is even better on a smart, high-quality big screen of an SUHD TV. This has created a TV-watching culture of binging on episodes, without interruption, for hours on end.

The Guinness World Record for the longest marathon of watching television was set in 2014 by six participants who watched 91 hours of TV (source: But of course, most people who indulge in a binge-watching session spend a little less time than that, perhaps finishing one Netflix series season over the course of a weekend. Still, with that much time spent watching your TV screen, you (and your eyes) will be grateful for

Another benefit of watching Netflix on the SUHD TV is having one remote control that connects all of your smart devices. Now you can spend even more time enjoying your binge-watching session with everything you need, controlled by a single remote.

“Everything controlled with just one remote control”

Along with the growth of binge-watching, we’ve also seen a huge growth in spoilers, especially on social media. This means if you’re mid-season in buzzworthy shows like House of Cards, you might want to stay away from social media and spend more time in front of your big screen TV before anyone spoils it for you!

The ultimate SUHD TV binge-watching setup

The most important factors in creating the perfect setup are having a high-quality big screen TV and the convenience of one remote control to find the content you want to watch. A Samsung SUHD TV with Ultra Black Panel gives you the best picture quality with maximum contrast and almost no glare, so it’s easy on the eyes and you are able to immerse yourself in cinematic, life-like picture.

“Samsung SUHD TV with Ultra Black Panel offers the best picture quality with maximum contrast and almost no glare”

Get ready for a long Netflix session and set yourself up somewhere on the couch with snacks and refreshments in front of the big screen TV. If you want some company, invite friends to share the series with you and turn your phone on silent so you won’t be disturbed during the most intense moments.


Use one remote control to navigate between Netflix shows and HD movies and

control other connected smart devices, like your phone as well as the lights in the room. The more devices you connect, the longer you can stay in front of your big screen TV, controlling everything at your fingertips, with one remote control.


What is available on SUHD TV?


A Samsung big screen TV with Smart Hub brings the best online TV to your home with the ultimate in convenience. Access the latest Netflix dramas, comedies, movies and more, all in HD, big screen TV glory with one remote control that connects you to all your smart devices.

No matter what you choose to watch, an easy-to-use interface on your SUHD TV Smart Hub is the key to staying engaged with your content. With TV accelerator UI, you can choose the next show right away with one remote control to keep the Netflix marathon going.

“No matter what you choose to watch, the easy-to-use interface on your
SUHD TV Smart Hub is the key to staying up-to-date with your favourite content”

If you decide you need a break, use that one remote control to switch to other activities on an external device, like cloud games or apps.

Get the best SUHD picture quality and convenience with a big screen TV and see how your binge-watching experience will change for the better. With access to Internet TV, HD movie content and Netflix right from the home screen through Smart Hub, all with one remote control, it might be time to start planning your next binge-watching session now.

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