Curved Screen

Immersive viewing experience

Curved Screen

Immersive experience

There is a reason curved screens are widely used to screen IMAX films — they make the
movie experience all the more immersive. Like IMAX in comparison to regular movie screens,
curved TVs feature a wider field of view than flat TVs, but with less distortion.
Enhanced contrast and colour accuracy, along with Auto Depth Enhancer, all work together to create an
outstanding sense of depth that immerses you right into the centre of the onscreen action.

Optimising contrast levels
for objects in image

An image shows an optimising contrast levels by 3 layered image.

Curved design

Stunning pictures aside, the Samsung Curved TV is designed to be soft in its approach,
drawing all eyes toward its exquisitely shaped form. Research shows that humans hold a
natural attraction to curved over straight forms and Samsung, as a design leader, have
harnessed this age old knowledge to create a TV that is elegantly curved for a lasting effect.
This optimal curvature places the Samsung TV in a league of its own.

Top view of curved Samsung TV and perspective view of Samsung TV.

Less eye strain

The Samsung TV’s curved design takes into account the fact that most people spend a lot of
time in front of a screen, day in day out, and actually relieves eyes by reducing potential fatigue
that may come from prolonged viewing sessions.
With a curved TV screen, your eyes are afforded a uniform viewing distance that equalizes
the distance from eye to screen over one’s entire field of vision. The result is good news for
your eyes with more comfortable viewing compared to a flat screen.

An infographic describes uniform viewing distance from any angle.