How to perform self-diagnosis by using a remote control?

Last Update date : 2021-11-16

If an air conditioner has a functional defect, such as motor, comp, sensor, and PBA, it will show the information code on the display. (For AR9500T models after 2020)                              

Unless the information code shows up, you need to clean the filter or perform a power reset. If the information code shows up, please contact the Samsung Service Center.

A useful tip to check the information code (Hidden Function)

  • The indoor unit saves the most recent 3 information codes that have occurred.
  • For the intermittent error, you can check the error history. 

Detail information (Model)

  • Indoor unit: Available AR9500T 2-way(L, N, F1, and F2) communication model only.
  • Wireless remote controller: Included in the product.

How to check

  • Step 1. Power off the unit and the remote control.  
  • Step 2. Press 3 keys (Mode + SET + < ) at the same time for 5 seconds in front of the indoor unit.
  • Step 3. Then, the information code will be displayed on the indoor unit display in the order that they have occurred recently.

e.g.) Axxx, bxxx, cxxx means 3 errors in the past. (Motor, Dust sensor, and Communication error) 

- A, b, c are added in the order of error occurrence.


  • If there have been no errors in the past, '00' will be displayed on the indoor unit display.
  • When the indoor unit is turned off, then the information code disappears.

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