How I can keep my vegetables and meat fresh in the Samsung refrigerator?

Last Update date : 2021-04-19

How to store your food and get it fresh

Meat and fish drawer
  • The fresh drawer has a lower temperature in comparison with the fridge, this drawer is the specialized zone for meat and fish to be stored.
  • that door you can use also to defrost your meat or fish after removal from the freezer.


Fruits & Vegetables Drawer

Used to preserve the freshness of your stored vegetables and fruits

  • If you have a Cool Select Zone, make sure you have not stored your fruit and vegetables in the Cool Select Zone Drawer.
  • If the fruit and vegetables are stored in the Cool Select Zone Drawer, move them to one of the other drawers.
  • If you are storing the fruit and vegetables in the upper fruit and vegetable drawer, move them to the lower drawer.
  • If you want to load vegetable, please use a vegetable box and we recommend keeping vegetable in an airtight container


  1. You shouldn’t store the moisture food close to the air hole cold air from the hole will make frost on the moisture food.
  2. Vegetables will be frozen in the fresh zone drawer.
  3.  If the food has high water content or wet and you have stored it in the coldest part of the refrigerator, it can freeze.

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