Galaxy S9/S9+: What's the basic principle of iris scanning?

Last Update Date : 2018-05-09

The iris recognition feature uses the unique characteristics of your  irises, such as their shape and pattern, to strengthen the security of  your device. Your iris data can be used for various authentication purposes.


After registering your irises, you can set the device to use your irises for the following features such as Samsung Pass (Samsung account verification and web sign-in), Screen lock, Secure Folder, Samsung Pay (This feature may not be available depending on the region or service provider).



1 Capturing iris for authentication.
2 Extract iris pattern and digitize.
3 Compare it with registered one and authenticate.
Galaxy S9/S9+: What's the basic principle of iris scanning?

•    If you use your iris as a screen lock method, your irises cannot be used to unlock the screen when turning on the device. To use the device, you must unlock the screen using a pattern, PIN, or password you set when registering the irises. Be careful not to forget your pattern, PIN, or password.


•    If your irises are not recognized, unlock the device using the pattern, PIN, or password you set when registering the irises, and then re-register your irises. If your pattern, PIN, or password is forgotten, you will not be able to use the device if you don't reset it. Samsung is not responsible for any data loss or inconvenience caused by forgotten unlock codes.


•    If you change the screen lock method to Swipe or None, which are not secure, all of your biometric data will be deleted. If you want to use your biometric data in apps or features, such as Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay, you must register your biometric data again.

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