Make home your office
We live in a time where it's no longer necessary to be in an office full-time.
Instead, you can work just as focused and efficiently, from the comfort of home.
As remote work becomes increasingly popular, A Samsung Smart TV is your ideal partner
– helping you with your work, on the big screen.
Improve your productivity
Your office is now where your TV is. From the big sizes to the unique smart features,
your Samsung TV is the preferred screen to get more done.
  • Calm App
    Remote Access
    Double up your TV as your computer
    with Screen Sharing, Remote PC,
    or Office 365
  • Calm App
    DeX Connection
    Connect your compatible device and
    get the desktop experience on the bigger
  • Calm App
    Bigger, better screen
    With up to 98 inches of screen space,
    our TVs can accommodate all
    your work
Turn your home into a classroom
Learning from home has never been so convenient. Whether it's your kids or you,
there are always opportunities to learn. Samsung TVs makes it easier for you.
  • Classroom
    Screen Mirroring
    Whether you're learning from lecture
    videos, slides, or documents, view it
    wirelessly and effortlessly
    on a bigger screen
  • Classroom
    Web Browser
    Log in and start learning.
    It's that simple! Access your courses
    and tutorials with just a few
    simple clicks.