QLED for wellness
Yoga, fitness, relaxation, cooking, or art at home
– indulge in a world of wellness, doing more of what you love, with your QLED TV.

Your wellness and health partner

Calm app on Samsung TVs
Meditate, sleep, and relax with the Calm app – available exclusively on Samsung TVs.
Calm App
  • Calm App
    Enjoy a change of scenery
    Surround yourself with relaxing
    sceneries and sounds of nature.
    Relax, tuning the rest of the world out
  • Calm App
    Put your mind at ease
    Breathe easy and get into the zone
    with a range of meditation exercises
    to relax and reinvigorate your mind
  • Calm App
    Sweet dreams are made of these
    Drift off to sleep by listening to the
    soothing voices of well-known celebrities
    narrating your favourite bedtime stories
Turn your home
into an Art Gallery
With The Frame, we bring the beauty of a distinguished art collection into your living room.
No matter the occasion, you will find the perfect piece of art to suit your mood.
Art Gallery
  • Art Gallery
    Curated art just for you
    The Frame is like your own
    personal art agent. It learns
    your taste, and recommends
    art that you'll love.
  • Art Gallery
    Frame your most-loved moments
    You can easily upload your
    own photography. Simply
    send your photos to The
    Frame via your phone or USB.
  • Art Gallery
    Add artistic filters to your photos
    Upload your photos to My
    Collection and choose filters
    to turn your personal
    moments into masterpieces.
Stands out.
Blends in.
Say goodbye to black screens. Take a picture of your TV background with your phone and the ambient mode technology works its magic, generating the same pattern on your TV. Discover the beautiful harmony of TV and interior design.
Ambient Effect Ambient Effect