Perfect clarity

Kenya - 31 May 2019


The New 2019 QLED 8K

Greetings Samsung family. How is 2019 taking you all so far? We hope it’s presented nothing but crystal clarity in terms of your goals and aspirations. Speaking of clarity, we have something lined up for you that will perfectly embody the meaning of clarity.

It’s a one of a kind piece of technology which will transport you to a world full of incredible depth and detail. You’ll be able to see the bigger picture where you’ll experience picture perfection that will draw you in no matter where you sit. Every scene you’ll watch on this beauty will be true to life in terms of colour volume to give you a true cinematic experience. And despite where you sit, you get the best picture quality.

What we have in store for you, has the intelligence that will tailor every moment. You’ll be able to control it from one intelligent remote so you won’t need multiple remotes.

In terms of style, you won’t be disappointed because it is crafted to beautifully blend in with your décor. You’ll be able to turn it into a canvas where you’ll express your creativity with Ambient Mode. Say goodbye to messy cables because with the the Invisble One Connect all those cables are now one.

Let’s not say too much, stay tuned to our pages for the unveiling of the best cinematic experience yet.