1.    The Camera, Redefined.

Not only is the camera several notches higher than the existing smart phone camera technology in the market, but it is currently closest to the acute and intelligent functions from the human eye, especially when it comes to clarity in low-light environments. More so, in all its dual lens glory, the slow motion feature will literally knock the wind out of you when you see how much action we miss in the blink of an eye, with 960 frames captured per second. From creating your own avatar to taking stable pictures mid-motion, the camera has so much in store for you just waiting to be discovered.


2.    The Design, To Infinity & Beyond

We can proudly say that only Samsung has managed to truly perfect the concept of the infinity display. Bezels are a thing of the past & we’re giving you more screen than you imagined, for that wholesome, immersive experience that you deserve.


3.    Bixby, Hello Again

No need to take pictures and then wait for Bixby to translate those signs while you’re on adventures in foreign places. Bixby now translates live! Just hold the camera up to the sign & voila! Bixby translates it immediately, and will even plug in maps to show you different places around you waiting to be explored. To top this off, you can hold your camera up to your food & Bixby will break down exactly what you’re eating, down to the calories you’re about to go in on.


As we continue to push the boundaries on innovation, the good news is, there’s all this & so much more on that the Galaxy S9 has to offer. The bad news is… never mind, it only gets better here. The even better news is that your Galaxy S9 is only a pre-order away at a Samsung brand store or authorized dealer near you.