Kenya - 06 June 2018

Football fans, you are up for a wonderful soccer season ahead! We’re here to give you the low-down on the Football Mode on the QLED TV. We kid you not, the experience is out of this world, bringing the stadium right to your home, while still allowing you to control the action, like a boss!

Where do we start?


The audio and images of the games you watch are intensified by the Stadium View option, which recreates the vivid grass of the pitch and brings all other colors of the stadium to life. To top this off, the multi-surround sound lets you experience the excitement of the crowd like you’re seated front row, center.


Was it really a penalty? Was it a proper foul? Did the ref say it was a fair goal but you could swear on your life that it was off-side? No need to trot about in the waters of uncertainty. The Zoom feature divides the screen into a 3x3 grid, allowing you to get a closer view of a selected region, and see the action up, close & personal. Whenever you feel like the referee did not see something you could always zoom in and confirm your call in the click of a button.


Now that we’ve let you in on this little soccer secret, it only makes sense for you to get #SoccerReady & buy yourself a Samsung QLED TV or gift a loved one this amazing experience. It’s certainly fun to watch soccer in the stadium, but why pay all that money for a ticket and flight tickets when you can easily recreate the same immersive experience & then some in the comfort of your own home for the whole family & squad to enjoy?