Kenya - 31 March 2019

Kenyan food culture is peculiar to say the least. From the way we prepare it to the way we consume it, there’s none like us. In addition to our interesting eating habits, we’ve adopted a culture of posting our foods and drinks on social media. No day goes by without finding a food post on our timelines that just makes us go 🤤. Food lust is real and because we are who we are we’ve localized it and out our own little twist to it. If you’ve been living under a rock and not seen “Mko?” on social media. Basically people making other feel FOMO about the meal that they are enjoying so when they ask, “Mko?” meaning “Where are you?” it’s more to flaunt the delicious meals. Since we are prepping to launch something new and delicious in the Samsung family let’s show you how you can draw some serious food lust on your timeline with the help of your trusty Hotblast microwave.

Hungry yet? How many of these foods do you think you can pull off with your Hotblast microwave? The mutura would be interesting to try out though. All in all stay tuned to our pages we’ve got something cooking.