Kenya - 06 June 2018

Ever sit in a room where the air was so heavy and stuffy that you could hardly breathe? The air around you feels like it weighs a ton and every breath you take feels like you are dragging in warm oil into your lungs. Now, imagine feeling like this while you are in the office on a hot Wednesday afternoon after a hearty meal. It’ll be nothing but a snooze fest with zero productivity.


On the flip side, do you ever wonder why your guests and clients get into your office with ties blown out of place and hair blown in disarray? Worse still, having company over at your house but as soon as you turn on your AC everybody runs for their jackets and shawls because your house has literally turned into an igloo? 


It’s time to put all these issue to rest. With a brand like Samsung that looks out for the most innovative way around day to day issues, you can be sure that we found a solution to the stuffy air and unnecessary cold drafts.


Samsung’s wind-free technology in the newly introduced AC ensures that there’s optimal energy without the discomfort of direct cold drafts. You are able to maintain optimal room temperature with minimal disruption. There are 3 things we can attribute to the beauty that is the windless AC:

  1. 21 micro-holes on the front panels
  2. Wind speed control algorithm
  3. Multi air flow system. 


We won’t bore you with the technical jargon and intricacies of the wind-free AC, we’ll just tell you how beautifully each of the 3 factors work together to bring you a cooled environment minus the cold blasts and sky high electricity bills.


The 21 micro-holes on the front panel of the AC allow air to flow evenly throughout the room thus providing a room that is cool to your liking and comfort.

The digital inverter uses a special algorithm to control the speed of the airflow. Basically, in wind free mode, the air moves very slowly while still maintaining the room at its optimal temperature.


We’ve all experienced the conventional AC’s one-way airflow that cools the people under and around it. With the multi-directional airflow, the cooling winds travels in multiple directions thus cooling everyone in the room equally.


This is why you need the Samsung wind-free AC in your house or office. Say goodbye to freezing drafts and high electric bills. This is a whole new way to stay as cool as a cucumber.