Clearing the Air— Ways to Keep Your Air Healthy

Dec 30. 2011
Clearing the Air— Ways to Keep Your Air Healthy

If you have allergies or asthma, you already know how important clean air is to your well-being. But even people who don’t suffer from those conditions can benefit by clearing the air of impurities. Fortunately, you have more control over indoor air quality than you might think. Here are some ways to start breathing easier.

Contaminants You Can’t See or Smell

When you think of unhealthy air, you might picture billowing factory smoke or car exhaust. But some bad air won’t make you wheeze or hold your nose. Allergens, viruses, and infectious bacteria often hang around undetected. The results can range from minor irritation to major illness.
But don’t reach for the oxygen mask just yet. There’s plenty you can do to keep your air clean and safe for everyone who breathes it.


Healthier Housekeeping

Does your vacuum cleaner seem to kick up almost as much dust as it picks up? Choose a model that has a HEPA filter. HEPA filters help prevent pollen, dust, and allergens from finding their way back into the air. If you share your space with pets, consider a vacuum cleaner that specialises in picking up animal hair, such as the Samsung NaviBot.


How Air Conditioners Can Help

You don’t need a stand-alone air purifier to get cleaner air. Some air conditioners and heating/cooling units include powerful air purification systems. The same devices that keep you comfortable can also keep the air you breathe clean. 
Air conditioners help slow the growth of mold by removing excess moisture from the air. Samsung’s Auto Clean function prevents that moisture from accumulating by running the fan even when the unit is turned off. As a result, both the air conditioner and the room stay dry and clean.


Multilayered Filtration

Removing all the various impurities that might be present in the air requires more than a single filter—or even two. Samsung air conditioners use multiple purification technologies. The resulting air doesn’t just smell clean—it is clean, and free of unhealthy particles that can make you uncomfortable or sick. 
Key features to look for include advanced filters that capture dust and bacteria that conventional filters can miss. With its large surface area and high density, Samsung’s Full HD Filter removes even the tiniest microscopic particles, keeping your air clean and fresh.


Active Technology Sterilises Impurities

Featured on some models, Samsung’s S-Plasma ion technology takes air purification a step further. Unlike conventional passive filters, S-Plasma ion doesn’t sit around waiting for impurities to come to it—instead, it sends out hydrogen atoms and oxygen ions to scour the room. These particles are harmless to people and pets but fatal to influenza viruses, fungi, bacteria, allergen particles, and other impurities. The result is a strong sterilising effect. 
Any air purifying device must circulate the air through every corner of the room in order to provide the full benefit. Make sure the model you choose has sufficient capacity for the area where it’ll be used—and that it’s designed to circulate the air thoroughly throughout that area.


Remember to Clean Your Filter

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filter when needed isn’t exactly an event to remember, but it’s essential. Choose an air conditioner that removes the guesswork by automatically reminding you that it’s time to clean the filter. That way you’ll keep it working at its best. 
It’s easy to take indoor air quality for granted, but it’s wiser to do what you can to improve it. With a little effort and some smart shopping, you can make a real difference in the air you breathe.

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