How To Paint Your Own Truth

In a world full of fakes and counterfeits, you need to stand out and be an original. Same goes for your experiences and adventures and because we love to immortalize such moments, we take photos. But, what happens when your phone doesn’t quite bring out what it is that you want to bring out? It could be because the camera lens can’t adapt to the lighting condition around you or that gorgeous landscape that you are trying to capture is too large for the camera. With us being the innovators that we are, we have designed the camera on your device to be as versatile as possible. So, sit back and learn how to get the most out of your photos right on your Samsung device.



Brought to you by the Galaxy S9 | S9+
Brought to you by the Galaxy S9 | S9+.

We all know that fun doesn’t recognize time at all and sometimes, the funniest moments take place when we are up and about with our crew at night. Be it a night out at the club or at a concert, you can capture the memorable moments with amazing clarity. (P.S just be careful of those sketchy looking people in the crowd waiting to harvest phones.) The beauty about night shots is that you can play around with the lighting around you to produce frame-worthy pics. This is all possible because of the Dual aperture camera on the Galaxy S9 | S9+. It adjusts like the eye in the dark, to allow in as much light as possible for a bright and clear photo. Want to flex your low light photography skills at the next gig, here’s how to do so.



Proudly presented by the Galaxy Note 9

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Proudly presented by the Galaxy Note 9

As you watch the sun set over the horizon, you can’t help but marvel at the sheer magnificence of the moment. You want time to stand still so that you can take in this moment in all its glory so what better way than taking a silhouette pic. All you need is a blanket, your Note 9 and that sunset. Set your phone on a steady surface (or tripod if you’re deep in this photography thing), cover yourself (and whomever else is there with you 😉) then use the Bluetooth enabled S Pen to click away. You see, the Note 9 comes with an all-new powerful Bluetooth powered S Pen that allows you to do all sorts of cool stuff from afar. Like taking these super amazing silhouette photos.



Brought to you by the one, the only, A9
Brought to you by the one, the only, A9

First and foremost, we would like to introduce a world’s first. If you didn’t already know, the Galaxy A9 is the first mobile device with 4 cameras on it. We pushed the boundaries here to enable you to capture panoramic photos with ease. You don’t have to do that awkward lean to fit everything into one shot because you have a whole 120º viewing angle which means you can fit every detail in one perfect picture. You can finally fit the whole family at get-togethers without cutting anyone out. With 4 cameras, there’s literally nothing you can’t do in terms of photography.


Now that we’ve schooled you a bit on the amazingness that is Samsung cameras, go out there and shine! Take breathtaking photos and flex on the Gram for all your followers. Until next time, continue being great.

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