Kenya - 30 April 2019

Hey hey hey! It’s us again bringing nothing but love and light and of course some new devices. We won’t let you guys breathe because even before you can marinate and enjoy the S10e/S10/S10+ we are hitting you hard with the A Series! Oh! And this time you don’t even have an excuse not to get with this plan. We’ve got something for everyone so your wallet won’t suffer and your drip will be elevated for sure. We won’t get too much into it because there are 6 phones in this family so click here to learn more about them. Today we’ll focus on the A70 and the A50 .

Where do we even start with the A70 ? Let’s start with the supersize 6.7-inch screen which brings everything you watch and see to life. With zero interruptions thanks to no bezels on the infinity-U display you can comfortably be immersed in whatever you are streaming or watching.
Shall we move on to the design of this beauty? Despite the large screen this phone fits so well in the palm of your hands, it’s ridiculous. Plus, its super light because no one wants to be carrying around a brick of a phone. The minimal look is clean and sophisticated, the glasstic back bounces off light in the most amazing way possible you’ll just have to see it to experience it, but here’s a sneak peek.
Now onto the camera or should I say cameras because it’s not just one, there are 3 of them to give you that ultra-wide shot which turn out to be ultra-epic! So, we can’t wait to see those epic selfies and pics taken by the A70 .

The A50 . What a stunnA! (see what we did there 😉) The specs on this phone will have you floored for real. Then you see the price point and you could almost trip over yourself rushing to our stores to get you one. You get a phone that is so beautiful, with state-of-the-art security, triple camera and a killer 6.4-Inch display. Also, both these phones feature a fast charging battery so you can capture and share epic moments for longer