Kenya - 04 March 2018

We all know someone who shares way too much information about their life and more often than not, it is unsolicited and super cringe-worthy. Though sometimes you can’t have too much information about some things however, let’s just delve into some situations where your expressions looks like this because of the information overload that’s bombarding you.


Shall we please address the cooks at our beloved “kibandas”. Due to space constraints, the kitchen and eating area are usually a stone throw away. That is why if anyone comes back to the office smelling like a whole buffet with a woody undertone, he/she should not be judged. While enjoying a hearty meal of “chapo-dondo” you hear how Kimero had a cut on his hand and put band-aid on it but he can’t seem to find it now. Some things are better left unsaid.😳


Let’s keep in mind though, that in as much as we would like to roll our eyes at those who give us T.M.I, we get to know them through and through and if anything out of the ordinary was to happen to them, we would be able to come to their aid. Same applies to our devices, you have to have as much information about them as possible. To find out whether you have our 2-Year warranty, you have to T.M.I (Text to Make sure It’s legit) by texting Check*IMEI number# to 22585.


Don’t fret if you aren’t successful though, simply ensure you keyed in your IMEI number correctly. If you aren’t registered, simply register your phone by sending the SMS.


Reg*IMEI number#to 22585. If you’re unsuccessful, once again, double check that you keyed in the correct IMEI number, and if this persists it’s likely that your phone has no 2 year warranty. To be cautious, the next time you’d like to purchase a Samsung device, send an SMS Check*IMEI number# to 22585, to check if it has a 2 year warranty. The last step is then to enjoy your 2-year warranty & your Samsung device to the fullest!