#ISSACRIME....Part 2

Kenya - 05 June 2019

Samsung Galaxy A image

It’s us again! We talked about 2 absolutely stunning phones last month. We hope you guys went to check them out and perhaps bagged one as well. If you are still trying to make up your mind on which to get, let’s look into 4 other phones in the A series family that are just amazing…

These 2 phones are boundless and this is why. The bigger, bezel less display allows you to watch all your videos with minimal interruptions so you get that fully immersive viewing experience. In addition to that, you have a 6.4” super AMOLED screen which brings out whatever you are watching to life with crystal clear sharpness and vibrant colours. The clarity of the color will definitely leave you amazed.

Let’s go to the cameras on these two. They both have an ultra-wide shooting experience thanks to the dual cameras on them. You get to fit so much more into your shots so that you can perfectly capture the scene you are looking at just as it is. Your eye sees up to 123 degrees and that’s exactly what the A30 and A20 capture.
On to the battery. You have a whole 4,000 mAh worth of juice to run on. That’s basically a whole day worth of power and even on days where your usage is super heavy, they both support fast charging which allows you to get back to what you were doing in a flash.
It’ll be hard to choose between these 2 phones but whichever you go with, it’s still a big win.

Samsung Galaxy A10

The price point vs. the specs of the A10 is simply captivating. You get a 6.2” HD infinity display which gives you an un-interrupted viewing experience on your phone. In addition to that large display you have a sleek and stylish phone with an impressively premium feel.

The A10 comes with a scene optimizer which gives you brilliant shots effortlessly.
And the battery, 3,200 mAh which keeps you going with your day to day tasks.
You don’t need to break the bank to get a phone with top shelf specs. The A10 is a true testament of that.

Finally, we have the A2 Core. A phone which gives you a smartphone experience that’s optimized. You won’t miss out on anything with the long lasting battery and powerful processor which gives you optimum performance. So no lagging and scurrying for chargers every now and then.

There we have it, the A Series family. Which phone will you get? Get down to our stores to experience these spectacular devices for yourselves. Until, next time peace and love folks!

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