Lost your Samsung smart device? Locate it now!

Jul 22. 2013

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 22 July 2013 - Frustrated with misplacing your Samsung smart device? With the introduction of the web-based ‘Find My Mobile’ facility, Samsung mobile users can rest assured that they can now quickly and easily locate their precious possession.

“By simply setting up a Samsung account on the website: findmymobile.samsung.com, consumers have rapid access to a number of functions that will allow them to not only locate, but also to lock and ring their devices,” says Craig Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics. “We realise that consumers often have important and sensitive data on their smart devices. By utilising the ‘Find My Mobile’ service, they will effectively minimise the possibility that their personal information will become available in the public domain.”

One should first activate the ‘Lock my mobile’ feature when a handset is lost or suspected of being stolen. Once activated, a message will be displayed on the screen indicating: ‘This mobile is lost. Please keep it for a while, and I will contact you.’ The owner then enters a contact number where they can be reached and sets up a four-digit pin number to enable them to unlock the phone once it is back in their possession.

The ‘Locate my mobile’ function allows consumers to track their phone remotely to its current location. Thereafter the feature allows one to track the movement of the device at 15-minute intervals for a period of 12 hours.

“If you know your device is nearby then you can activate the ‘Ring my mobile’ function. This will produce a bell tone which will ring for one minute at the highest volume and the message ‘This is a lost mobile’ will appear on the mobile’s screen,” Fleischer continues.

Consumers can forward their lost/stolen device’s calls and messages to a specified cell phone number. Samsung mobile device users can also retrieve a full call log, together with any data charges, incurred during the previous week.

“Should a consumer wish to completely protect their data they may initiate the ‘Wipe my mobile’ instruction. This allows them to erase all data on the device memory, external memory device or SIM card. Since you cannot use the ‘Find my mobile’ service after the execution of the ‘Wipe my mobile’ function, we caution consumers to use this function very carefully,” says Fleischer.

“The ‘Find my mobile’ service is just another way in which Samsung is making your life easier,” Fleischer concludes.

For more information visit: http://findmymobile.samsung.com. To find out if your device is compatible with this service access the ‘User Guide’ on the landing page.

Note to editors:

For this service to be activated the device needs to be switched on and be online.

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