Kenya - 31 January 2019

As we were having the time of our lives in December, a menacing dark presence stood in the corner watching us closely. When we were out there not caring about the cost of fun, when we were leaving the house in slippers going to buy bread only to find yourself in Nakuru, January was taking notes.

Now that January is here, it has receipts ready to show you why you are super broke. So what better time than just to shack indoors and be humble. Worry not though we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Samsung ensures that you can do what you see and watching on your screen is nothing but outstanding because we use the highest products to deliver crystal clear picture. So, streaming those movies and series will be as clear as day. Also, thanks to a good battery life and fast processor, it won’t lag or die on you when that really cool plot twist is just taking place. Even when you are not watching movies and just listening to music, you’ve got your Samsung device and a Samsung wireless Bluetooth speaker which doubles up as a power bank. So, as you jam to your tunes, your phone is charging.

Remember, those calories you packed over the holidays? Eating out almost every day or not even checking your portions, does that sound familiar? Now it’s time to get fit and the Galaxy Watch will be your very own personal fitness trainer. It’ll help track your progress every day and even notify you when it’s time to exercise. Those summer bodies will come through by fire, by force.

As you pay for your sins in January, we would like to make it a little bit better with products and devices that are rich in quality and durability so that’s one thing off your list. All in all, may your 2019 be as productive and as prosperous as ever.

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