Laundry…. That monstrous house chore that evokes terror in any household. From time immemorial, washing clothes has been that one task that causes unnecessary stress. It could be because there’s a constant reminder of dirty clothes in the corner or anytime you have an outfit in mind that one top is dirty!

Remember the days when you had to soak your clothes in the morning just to wash them later in the day? Arranging those basins and buckets, filling them with water, measuring the detergent in the palm of your hand and finally soaking those clothes.

Then the glow up happened and you got a washing lady who would come once or twice during the week to wash your clothes. You thought that you’d finally found the answer to all your laundry problems. That’s until your wardrobe started missing a few items. The first few times you paid no mind to this Houdini tricks but when your favourite silk blouse was nowhere to be found, you couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore. The culprit was none other than your washing lady. Let’s not even get started on those who steal pegs, hangers, detergent and fabric softener.


There those who started off so well. Coming on time, on the designated laundry days. They washed and scrubbed those clothes so well they practically shone. Time went by and those, “sikuji leo” texts started becoming a norm. At some point, the simple courtesy of texting was no more and she simply did not show up, phone calls went unanswered and when she did show up, the lackluster washing was so bad that it was as good as recycling the dirty laundry.

After going through the hustle and heartbreak of unreliable and thieving wash ladies, you decided that enough is enough and sort after a permanent solution to your laundry troubles.

Let us introduce to a stress-free life where your laundry stays put and gets super clean thanks to the Samsung Addwash machine. You can finally rest easy because this washing machine will revolutionize your laundry experience. Have those forgotten items at the bottom of your laundry basket? No worries, you can simply pause the wash, open the Addwash door and throw it in, no need for another load.

The capacity of the Addwash machine enables you to wash so much more which means less time in the laundry room and more time for you. In addition to a large capacity, the machine runs a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes. Don’t let those speeds fool you though, the cleaning performance is not compromised at all because your laundry will be in pristine condition.

These are just but a few benefits that you’ll get once you set foot into one of our stores and buy the Samsung Addwash machine. Did we mention that there are price cuts on the machine? No? Ok now you

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