Nov 02. 2017

We don’t call it a Galaxy for nothing. World just isn’t big enough, and universe just isn’t exclusive enough. In this whirl of millions and billions of stars, we can bet there’s so many gems scattered across that you haven’t taken to appreciating yet. Now, that’s where we come in! Ladies & gentlemen, we present you 5 awesome hacks that we’ll bet you never really thought of:

1) Amp It Up, Amp It Up

Picture this, a cocktail of good friends and good drinks, food for days… but what about the music? You’ve got your phone but cash for that Sound Bar you’ve been plotting for is still loading. Fret not, turn the music on your phone on, put it in a glass, & drink up those good vibes from your new mini-amplifier placed in the middle of the room.

2) Snap It Up, Snap It Up

Guys, taking a selfie does not have to mean unnecessary acrobatics for your fingers. There are no medals for struggling. Your Galaxy device has a volume buttons that do more than control just volume. Hold your phone up, press any of the volume buttons to click and voila! Ready for your close up?

3) Juice It Up, Juice it Up

It’s movie night & your phone battery’s running low? No need to go scurrying around for it and wasting precious screening time. Your Samsung device has Auto Power Save Mode that will minimise running of background apps, and maximise your movie sesh!

There are so many nooks & crannies of your Samsung devices that are just waiting to be discovered. Feel free to share any of your personal hacks with your Galaxy devices!

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