My Microwave Saved My Life

Sep 15. 2017

Gone are the days when you had to light a jiko or gas cooker just to warm one cup of tea or a plate of food. Let's just take a short walk down memory lane. Remember how we had to use 2 or 3 sufurias to warm a meal? And for those who are economical dish users, mixing up all your food in one pan? Then came along this appliance you could warm, cook, grill and even bake food in. It literally revolutionised our cooking experience and eating habits. We've all had some sticky situations where this appliance you now call the microwave came to our rescue. Here are some little stories on this precious machine and we can say that some of them are totally relatable.

"We love hosting our friends for Sunday brunch. It's a chance to catch up, unwind from the previous week's stress and just bond. My cooking skills are excellent, if I do say so myself, hehe. Plus, I love cooking meals that are both mouth-watering and nutritious. I pay particular attention to my vegetables to ensure that they are crispy, fresh and full of flavour. Now, last Sunday I was busy throwing down only for the gas to run out on me while cooking my veggies. Sema panick! But then I remembered that my trusted microwave has this moisture sensor which preserves the natural taste and texture of food, even when heating vegetables. So I just put them in and voila! They were ready in no time and they tasted amazing!"
- Mrs. Jennifer Kinuthia

"So now, I'm on holiday and as usual my mum decides to give the house-help some days off leaving who to do the chores? Me. Anyway, some day before going to work, mum tells me to remove the chicken from the freezer so that when she comes home, she can quickly get the dinner ready. Mimi huyo, I binge-watched Game of Thrones and totally forgot about that chicken story. I get a call from mum and she tells me she's on her way home and asked me whether I had removed the kuku. I don't even remember what answer I gave her but I remember the fear and panic as I ran to the freezer to remove that stone-hard bird. Luckily, our microwave has rapid defrost and it literally saved my life."
- Ms. Waitiki Zawadi

"In our house, it’s a capital offense to warm your food without a food cover. Our mum will rain down on you with such fury if she finds you breaking this law. One of these random Satos I was warming some beef stew and si you just know that laziness that is your EOP and doesn't let you prosper…So I didn't cover my food. When I opened the microwave door, I saw this orange splash of colour on the inside. The soup has splattered all over! I was running around the kitchen like a headless kuku trying to find a cloth to wipe the mess. Eh! Good thing the microwave has a ceramic interior that is super easy to clean. Mum was none the wiser and I got to live to see another day."
- Sammy 'Sam' Namunyak

"I love to eat and I mean LOVE to eat but at the same time I am a work-out freak and really health conscious. I have to admit though, once in a while a cheat meal here and there is good for the soul. My trainer, however, has bloodhound senses and can sniff the cheat day off you from a mile a way. Fortunately ,my microwave has the slim fry feature where I can prepare myself a yummy plate of fries with such little oil, my cheat day almost doesn't feel like one.”
- Ms.Azima Makalani.

Rumour has it that the ‘S’ in Samsung, stands for Superman ‘cause we’re out here saving lives like it’s our day job. ;) Get your Samsung Convection Microwave today and live life healthier and happier.

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