In this day and age with the plethora of devices in the market, it can be quite a task to weigh all the pros and cons before getting one. We have seen the revolution of mobile devices where your regular mobile phones have morphed into something more. The best device that can be summed up as your very own personal assistant would be the Tab S3.

So, what is the Tab S3 all about? Let’s just say it’s a tablet that allows you to do anything. From drawing, to creating mid-blowing presentations, to just kicking back and enjoying movies, you can literally do anything on this tablet. The redesigned S Pen feels and writes just as you favourite pen would. This is due to the pressure sensitivity of the pen tip that allows you to write or draw smoothly on you tab. Oh yeah! You don’t need to charge the pen so the fun is non-stop.

If you get tired of holding the Tab S3 you can switch it up with a featherlight keyboard which auto pairs with the tab. It doesn’t need to be charged so you can transform your tab into a mini-laptop on the go. This would be really instrumental when you have that urgent presentation that you need to put together and send it out.

On to the fun stuff now. The Super AMOLED screen on the Tab S3 is what you need when gaming or watching a movie. The 9.7” screen gives you a full cinematic experience and presents a deep contrast of colours that will have you hooked for hours. What’s the next thing you need with that amazing screen? Sound that moves you of course. The speakers on here are powerful and the sound stays clear no matter how you hold the tab because there are 4 speakers. So whether in portrait or landscape mode, your sound doesn’t get distorted.

To top it all off, is the sleek design of the Tab S3. It has a glossy glass design that looks and feels premium giving you a clean and minimalist feel.

Don’t limit what you can do with your tablet, get out there, get a Tab S3 which will allow you to explore all the boundless possibilities it resents.