The biggest soccer competition is here and it only means one thing, fellas will be rarely seen! You’ll find them cooped up in groups at their favorite locals or houses staring intently at a screen. Now, not many people are properly versed with the soccer lingo or the technicalities behind the game but we can all attest to these personalities at a soccer game.

Here’s a list of the different personas you will get to interact with in this season:

    1.    The unsolicited coach: That one person who thinks they know the play better than the official coach. They will shout from the sidelines about game plays and what the players and referees should do. They get twice as mad as the real coach and given the chance, they’d go back into those locker-rooms and give the team a proper tongue lashing.


    2.    The statistician: Calculator, pen and notebook in hand, this guy watches the game with numbers floating around him. He is so focused on the numbers in the game and that’s all he talks about. From key passes to assists to fouls sustained, he has the whole soccer glossary list at his fingertips.


    3.    The chronic complainer: This guy sees the wrong in everyone’s actions. He could even call out the commentator just because he didn’t pronounce a team player’s name correctly. He constantly bickers and complains about anything and everything and just doesn’t seem to enjoy the game at all and neither do those who watch it with him.


    4.    The instigator: Trying to get into the heads of the opposing team is a tactic that has been used from time immemorial to intimidate. However, there are those fans who talk so much smack that they exhaust everyone around them. More often than not, they barely know anything about the game.


    5.    The tag along: These have to be the most annoying type of people at any soccer game. They are constantly talking and asking questions and even when they are being taught about the game, they don’t pay any attention. On the flip side they take pretty good photos of the squad during the game.


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